Re: Review deletion + Blocking from commenting.


EnhancedBeing Wrote: Oh.
Well that's me told I guess... I'll start taking down my work then. SIGH.
I'll close the gate on my way out.
First: Everyone has an opinion. I'm sorry we don't agree.

Second: I haven't met anyone capable of mind reading. I met people capable of reading other people when physically present, but never full on mind reading. It's not possible to know what context a writer is coming from. There is no way to know if they are 'Primed to be offended'.  However, not knowing going in what the context or place the author is publishing from makes it EXTREMELY difficult to decide on whether or not to comment, offer cookies, potentially help. Unfortunately, you know yourself best. But the large part of humanity are simply not mind readers. 

Personally, I've stopped commenting on other people's work entirely. I get asked often to review, to help pick-out what's wrong. And honestly, I just can't. It's time consuming, and emotionally draining. With my readers, I know I come off as curt - I don't mean to. I'm trying to answer their question, while keeping in mind that the fact that I have to answer it at all may be a sign that there's something off with the way I put the scene together. 

Third: There's a difference between taking a minute to figure out the intent and context of message. I'm not a gate keeper. I can't, and even if I couldn't I wouldn't stop you or anyone else from posting online - for whatever. What I do ask is that people align their why's with what they do. But that's HUGE ask. A lot of people couldn't tell you why they do much of anything. I do think having the mechanisms to avoid 'offense' and 'hurt feelings' is very important - especially for the hapless reader who DARES have an opinion you don't agree with.

Fourth: Some people are primed to be offended. I met a successful author who STILL states that she was put down by an editor when he said she wrote too young. He edited the first three chapters of her novel - because he had absolutely had no faith in her. Yup, wasted weeks on editing her first few chapters OF HIS OWN UNPAID TIME, because she was a talentless ninny who DARED to try to get her work published. Some people just want to be offended. It's the story they tell themselves of why they didn't get what they wanted RIGHT NOW! And there's really nothing we as commenters can do about it. She could have just as well said:: "Yeah, I'm open to criticism." But clearly she so was not. 

Again helping commenters and reviewers to know what sort of lions den they're walking into is NOT too much ask. Cause obviously asking the writer to manage their expectations IS too much ask.

Re: Review deletion + Blocking from commenting.


Jack0fheart Wrote: I regularly do this, don't feed the trolls. I understand my story is very polarising and is intended as such. It was cathartic for me and a way to process things that have happened to me in a fantasy setting. It's very good at what it was intended to do, invoke anger. 

It's very simple, if you want to critique someone, you first have to build a rapport with said person or they're just going to consider you a dick. It takes me all of 30seconds to block someone and hide their comments and then I'll forget about them. If they leave a review, it'll just cement my low opinion of them 🤷‍♂️
Great example of what I mean when it comes to understanding your own intentions.

Re: Review deletion + Blocking from commenting.

It is to my understanding that some people are misinterpreting this old thread as some sort of confirmation that authors can delete any review they wish to.

They cannot. As Buller pointed out, every single review deletion on the website is manually reviewed by staff, usually myself given our small team size. If a review breaks no rules, it gets left alone, whether positive or negative.

Every single review deletion will leave the review poster with a PM from our automated system with the deletion reason(s) listed within it. Some rules are far greyer than others, which can lead to incorrect removals or contested removals - both understandable.

We get hundreds of reported reviews every month, so a few slip through the cracks which may have been the case with your review, MrAlwaysRight. I'm unsure as I haven't looked into your moderation notes as of yet.

If you truly believe the review broke no rules, file a support ticket and I'll take the time to go over it with you and either repeal the review/rating block or I'll explain where we are coming from and how it broke the rules.

In regards to review and rating blocking in general, it is left entirely up to the discretion of the moderator, usually me since I handle almost all reports. If a review is insulting, incredibly mean-spirited, or something unforgivable like racist, sexist, or homophobic, then it's very likely to leave the poster with an instant block and perhaps even further moderation.

Another usual case for an immediate rating and or review block is if a review breaks three minor rules at once. This varies depending on the rules broken though. Like if it's a perfectly good review but it has spoilers untagged, one curse word being used innocuously, and perhaps doesn't justify an advanced review, then the block likely won't be placed.

The other general habit I follow is that if the same review breaks the rules even after having been deleted once with no block in place, I issue the block since a chance was both given and squandered.

The fact it is so case dependent is why it isn't explicitly stated in the rules. It's also a relatively new tool for the staff, only being about a year old or so, being created just before I was brought onto the team.

I hope this helped clear up any doubts regarding this.

Moderator John,
Royal Road Team

Re: Review deletion + Blocking from commenting.

Should authors be allowed to do this?

Yes. Trolls are a concern.

Should you be offended that this happened?

No. If you cared enough to leave a comment and review and they were removed and you were blocked send a PM requesting clarification on why to the writer. Never hurts to try.

Outside of that, I would just move on. Plenty of stories out there with authors open to feedback. Don't waste your time on one who doesn't seem to value any discourse that differs from their own.

Some people want an echo chamber, and when they don't get it they lash out.