Re: How do you find new books to read on this website

So you can shout out in the recommendations forum and let people know what you're into and then you'll get people giving you suggestions.  Recommendations | Royal Road

You can look in the 'promote your fiction' forums for authors showcasing and promoting their works.  Promote your Fiction | Royal Road 
You can check in the monthly post going on over here  January Thread - Promote your Story | Royal Road 
You can check out the Sunday Snippets thread in the marketing forums and read a bit of what authors are writing to give you a flavour of what their work is like.  Marketing | Royal Road      Sunday Snippets =  Sunday Snippet 02/01 | Week 23 New Year 🎆 | Royal Road 

You can do a pretty detailed advanced search too and find things specifically by what you are and are not interested in. 

Good luck! Hope you find your something!

Re: How do you find new books to read on this website

Yeah there absolutely is! In the Advanced Search option, you have lots of ability to filter stories by whatever you like and find stories that are otherwise hidden from the main lists on the site. I did a pretty narrow Advanced Search that made my story appear in the search result as an example whee. Lower the page range to whatever you consider your "willing to start reading" point.

Order by length is probably the best organization method to find a story that you can read a lot of before you run out in my opinion. Or alternatively, organize it by decreasing length and set the status to Ongoing only, and search for new, hidden gems that you can watch grow!

A lot of times it's a good idea to put a star rating filter on your searches. A lot of people use 4.0 and this is good if your interests fit well into the RR paradigm. If you're interests are not the RR classic genres, you might want to broaden that to 3.5 because some good stories might struggle to pass the 4.0 rating.

Re: How do you find new books to read on this website

Advanced search has already been mentioned, but I'd like to draw attention to the lovely collection of lists RR provides.

Rising is good for finding up-and-coming stories, and can be filtered by genre.

Popular is good for finding well-established stories which usually have a lot of chapters out. It can also be filtered by genre.

Trending contains medium sized fictions, older and more established than rising, but not as well known as popular. Genre filter, yes.

Complete has... finished stories. Can be sorted.

Latest updates! Filterable!

Best Rated, the top quality stories! Genre sorting available.

Personally, I tend to use Rising and Latest Updates most, as that's the best way to find new stories that haven't been around for so long and I'm less likely to have already heard of them. But if you're new to the site, check out all of them.