Do you get that feeling...?

... When you're so stressed you can easily work on your story do do something productive but that little stress holds you down? I haven't written anything in weeks or finished a review I'm still working on? Sure I've done some other stuff, but I just get stressed out when I write even though I enjoy it. I don't have anything preventing me from writing the next few chapters or finishing the review except for that minor inconvenience but somehow that little stress, plus making stupid videos on youtube that I also like to do. I think I'm viewing writimg as a negative thing just because I do it when I'm stressed to relieve stress. Maybe I just need someone to say what I want to hear or finally finish my over thinking for the past few weeks.

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I was in a place like that not too long ago, and I started writing random short stories in order to get some of my creative juices flowing. And when I say short, I mean short. Like five hundred words, enough to get my creative juices flowing. Perhaps you have also taken on too many projects, both writing and otherwise so you need to take time off from one or more of them?

Maybe sitting down with yourself, or some person/people you trust to listen to you and be honest in order to find out the source of the stress/work through it would be for the best.

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I struggle a lot with this. Between normal work, keeping up with my release schedule, and editing old chapters, the stress is worse than ever and can stop me in my tracks. I've somewhat managed to overcome it now, and I did that by making sure I write something on my book every day, even if it's at 2am and only for 10 minutes. I've found that forcing myself to put some words down and think about the book every day makes a massive difference in the long run, as it keeps me mulling over issues and plot points during my down time. 

I recommend you lower the pressure on yourself to have a good writing session every time you sit down to write and instead focus on consistency. It's normal to have good days and bad days, but writing daily helps me get the good days more often.

Hope that helps.

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I've been struggling to get back to writing myself.  I'm not so much stressed as I'm just starved for time.  You don't realize just how quickly time passes until you're a certain age, and its compounded by the traditional 9-5, 40 hour workweek schedule.  I hate it, I have no space to think.  If I could have just a week to brainstorm, put something down on the paper, jolt my creativity, it would make a difference.

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I suffer from a myriad of horrible mental issues, and when no one reads my work, i get hella stressed and frustrated. I tend to take long hiatuses from writing. I just recently returned from a 7 month one. Sometimes we just need to put things on hold to let our brain have a vacation. The stress will lower and you can find joy in writing and reading again.

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UnoriginalPervert Wrote: Like you suggested, that might be a good fix. But it could still happen again. My stresses are usually due to everyday life, so writing relaxes me.

I think I'd try to sit down and try to figure out what, specifically, is stressing you.
 Everything, my nature is being stressed. "What if this?" "what if that?". Though you guys are right. I'm not going to quote you all but yeah, I should take a break, talk to someone.  I need another story. Something to get off my chest. My life gets kinda boring. Need something that I can confess. 'Til all my sleeves are stained red. From all the truth that I've said.