My Retention Curve Looks Exactly How I Want It

So this is going to be a nerdy post, but as a data guy I love features like retention and other things like that.

So here's the data retention graph for my story:

When I get discouraged, when I feel like maybe I'm not doing a good job, this really makes me feel like I'm doing things right. The majority of people either read the first chapter and decide it's not for them, or they're reading pretty much all the way through. There's some drop-off in the early chapters, but after the start it's pretty solid. I don't know if other peoples' graphs look like this, but I think it means that the people who like my work have found it, and are happy to read it.

I hope this has inspired you to check out some of the analytics available on this platform, and happy writing!

Re: My Retention Curve Looks Exactly How I Want It


StolenPasta Wrote: Looks neat. Like a mini promo of premium analytics(I guess it is?), but nonetheless, that trend is probably common across all fictions here.

...I forgot that this was a premium feature DrakanSweat yeah, I'd expect it to be, but idk I really got obsessed for a bit about looking at the number of people following and that kept dropping and rising again. It got to a point where I was worrying if I should completely re-write the start, change how I was writing the current chapters, and generally just adding stress I didn't need. So, it was reassuring to see that the retention is pretty damn good still, and that I'm not doing anything particularly wrong.

So I hope this helps anyone else who's been feeling the same stress.

Asviloka Wrote: peocrying  I hadn't realized quite how many people ducked out in the early chapters. Maybe I should consider rewriting them sometime.

I'm considering that too, tbh - partially bc Writathon output wasn't what I would consider my best work, but also because I've grown so much as a writer already that I'm itching to go and change it (or at least edit it lol).

Re: My Retention Curve Looks Exactly How I Want It

That's pretty solid.

I've been checking my retention a lot more especially after redoing my early chapters to make sure they flow better. The first three chapters originally were very slow and the first chapter alone spent more time introducing for the next chapter because of how I wrote it to be submitted to RR. After redoing those chapters and accounting for the old stats, I see the same trend; a lot of people reading through the first chapter before backing out while a consistent number sticking around.

4.5 has no retention but that's fine for me; it's an interlude and I even stated in the top note that "nothing really important is revealed; it's just some extra dialogue. You can skip this and miss out on nothing" and a lot of people took that advice but still stuck out for the lengthy later chapters.

That analytic is a godsend and really does help when you're trying to figure out how popular your story is and where you need to improve on things like tone or pacing or when you write a chapter you were iffy about and the numbers show that it didn't vibe with people.

Re: My Retention Curve Looks Exactly How I Want It

Some days I get a lot of reads, over 1000. Then there are times where I get none, and other moments where it is a few hundred. I would not worry about it. As for rentetion rate, it is the least accurate form of gauging. It is better to go with the views, and look somewhere between half way down a specific story to see how many remain. Note, this might not be reliable as well. Since people might leave and come back, so you might see unusual spikes in certain areas. Then there are potentially unaccounted areas that completely skews the results, such as giving updates within a volume. These would not be counted towards the story itself, it is pretty much a mess to work with.