January Thread - Promote your Story

For Authors: Post your story promotion as a reply to this thread.
You can get creative, or you can just post the description, image(if available), and your word count. But most importantly your Royal Road fiction link.

Note: This is somewhat of a first-come, first-served basis, as the earlier you reply, the more likely your description will be read first. This is why this thread for self-promotions is monthly-based (to not overflow it). At the start of next month, we will have a new thread, and you can promote your story there again.

For Readers: Did you want more lists to find stories from? well... here is another one, give the stories a shot!

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Children of Atlantis Series

There are currently two books in the series.  Book one is complete, Book two is ongoing.  They follow the trials and tribulations of Enid Aurelius an ancient vampire as she tries to navigate life and prevent a few world ending apocalypses.

Children of Atlantis (Book 1)
Complete, About 370000 Words

Children of Atlantis (book 2) Reality Shattered
Ongoing, 283000 words, I try to post updates at least once a week.

If you prefer something shorter, there is a short story about two young people on an arranged date.

Short Story - A Fall Day
Complete, 1100 Words.

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The Twins of the Aletere – Shadow of the Eclipse [rewrite]
Follow Groyven and Tiffaniel Desilantre as they brave the wilds to find sanctuary!
Finding the path and mending the wounds of grief is a tumultuous undertaking for the twins Desilantre after the loss of their parents a year earlier.
In the midst of battle, a fateful event tears them from the elven warship, the Lychen’s Fiddle and the broken remnants of their family.
Cooperation is key should they survive in these uncharted lands, yet the ancient plague of sibling rivalry constantly threatens to tear them apart.
This story is finished and undergoing 2nd draft editing, almost finished posting!!!
Currently the story is at 183,000 words and 90 chapters!
By the end of January, 77 chapters will be posted!
This is the first part of a trilogy. It includes a lot of character development and a steady growth of lore focused on the world they find themselves in.
It is paced like a novel.
I have already started book 2 of the trilogy and it is going strong!
Please check it out!!!

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https%3A%2F%2Fwww.royalroadcdn.com%2Fpublic%2Fcove...1612765790 https%3A%2F%2Fi.imgur.com%2FBVY68tl.jpg

If you have ever read and enjoyed Paradise Lost then please take a stab at The Fall, my retelling of the story of Lucifer's fall from grace and the journey from archangel of Heaven to the archnemesis of humanity.

On a completely different note, if you love the anime Konosuba then please check out My Overpower Skill Forced The Goddess to Make Balance Changes. You'll be sure to have a laugh.

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DOTS - SciFi Adventure with a Hint of Romance

     Using whatever she could find, Odeya flew about her house writing on the walls. She started first with markers, but they soon ran dry. She tried nail polish next, and found forming letters with a tiny brush took too much time. Then she found a batch of long forgotten poster paints, and though the brush that came with them was large, she made do with what she had by simply writing bigger.
     She crossed out mistakes she made, and at times entire passages she felt could be worded better. Doing this made her worry she might run out of wall space before she was finished, so she took down pictures and stood on furniture, even writing on her mirrors and kicking food off her kitchen table to stand on top of it, reaching places that were higher.
     Finally she was done. She ran through several dry runs reading what she'd written, making sure she knew which room to go to after finishing the one she was in. Once satisfied with her performance, she made a phone call.
     "Moshi moshi!" Aika said, knowing who was calling.
     Odeya didn't bother with saying hello.
     "While good people of the world go about their days in sunshine and full light, those who worship evil slink and slither. They are as thieves in the night, rats and vermin hiding. They tear open Mother Earth and burn her black inside, filling her with wrath and greed, heaving forth sick venom."
     Aika remained quiet as Odeya paused to move to the next room.
     "Allied against dark forces are the Obdient One name Rio, whose deeds of strength and servitude earn praise from all Nine Worthies, and the Fearless One named…"
     "…Aika," Aika said with Odeya.
     "Her name meaning Love Song," Odeya added. "Together we shall serve God's favored Son, Meek Hank. Cast in the armor of a dove, wielding a sword called Kindness, he offers righteousness as our salvation.
     "We swear our fealty to The Meek. We honor him, and show deference!"
     Odeya again paused, breathing heavy from exhileration and exertion. "What shall we do?" Aika asked.
     "The Fearless shall give her mortal body to expose the soul unfettered. The Obedient shall fight for The Meek, her heart serving no other. The face of Earth has fallen away, and sin spews forth from darkness, but with faith and hope and charity, nothing shall be lost!"
     Odeya gained a second wind and carried on in force, her voice a clarion call.
     "Blessed be the Meek! Through him there is The Kingdom! Through him the good shall live, and we shall never die. With the glory of archangels, Heaven has descended, cleaving Man in two. Those who blaspheme, those who hate, those who lie and steal, they shall rot in fields now fallow, feeding unclean soil. The sun shall not shed light for them, the moon will soon grow dark, the stars fall one by one!"
     Odeya fairly screamed, triumphant and in victory. "But the meek, the obedient, the fearless? We shall reign with God!"
     A poignant pause followed, with Odeya breathing heavy.
     "It is time," Aika agreed, ending the call.

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The Courting of Life and Death is a gothic fantasy romance with necromancy and the fae.

Clandestina is a realm of secrets, fairies, and dark magics. Among the nobles there is talk of a goddess of death, and a forbidden magic she grants to those that follow her-- cræft that can heal injuries that should be fatal or even bring back the dead. But she asks for much in return; blood and sometimes even life itself.

Pierre Salvador has just returned to court after finishing his studies and becoming a surgeon. But as he flirts with his childhood friend Elizabeth Anne, Mora, The Lady of Death, waits for him.

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Heroes of The Collective Volume 2
Heroes of The Collective, is a character driven superhero web-series following the lives of The Enhanced Beings Collective- a Government affiliated team of heroes who protect the United States against threats to their interests locally, nationally and globally. And now galactically...

They say it’s better to regret things you’ve done than what you haven’t done. But for our heroes, the feeling is the same and cuts just as deep whatever the reason. Volume Two: Regret, explores the aftermath of Volume One’s finale and how the team moves on with their own sources of regret.

With some new additions to the team and a roster of new villains as well as some familiar, our heroes are busy travelling beyond the galaxies to more Earths, making bad judgements, uncovering secrets and fighting… for… survival!

Coming up in January
Agwé #8 : Hometown Glory - Kimona returns to England for sightseeing and connecting to her past, but it's a warning about the present that opens her eyes.
The Power of Three #8 : Bottled Up - Holt realises that he hasn't yet completely worked through his grief
Sediment Terri #9 : Holy Matrimony! - It's Terri and Ferris' big day! Kimona is distracted, people are gossiping and everyone's laughing at Dylan. 
Sediment Terri #10 : Honeymoon Horror - "Bienvenue à Paris monsieur et madame!" It's honeymoon time but can't they just have a week off to celebrate without saving the day!?

PLUS : Insight #4 : The Batchelor Weekend

Other things to know:
New releases every Friday, just after 20:00 GMT!
Volume 1 is STILL complete and ready to catch up on!

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Improvisation and Magic Don't Mix is a story of magic and bards and adventure!

Join our protagonist, Theo, as he tries to pioneer a field of magic that might blow him up.

It's filled with action, and magic systems, and writing that's been described as sartorial and approaching wit!

There's also a lot of nerdy music stuff, as well as links to music I like.

If any of that sounds interesting at all, give the first chapter a gander (it's less than 2k words) and see what you think!

Updates Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Chapters around 2,000 words each.

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Departure, the story of the young Prince Natheniel on his way of making the biggest mistake of his life. It is six parts long and the introduction to the world of The Butterfly Effect, an ongoing series of semi-connected stories to show how one little, ordinary thing can change the world as they know it. 

I will also soon be uploading another story for The Butterfly Effect world. It will be longer and center around five teens as they learn about and fight the Minotaur.

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A collection of poems from the mind of one complexed and unusual being.

Let me start by telling you that some of the poetry in this collection is written in an African American vernacular and offers insight into the African American culture. Some of the poetry is emotional and others take the reader on a journey. As well, some poems are told from a male point of view while others are told from a female point of view. Further still, some of the poems in this collection are from real life events and some aren't about anyone at all.

The poems are not written in any style. They are written in free form and rhyming. I have never really cared for poems in styles like haikus, sonnets, odes, etc. I always just let my words run wild on their own pattern. If you ask me, some poems lose their flow when they are forced into a style.

Link in signature.

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The Wind Walker - Airships, Steampunk & Fantasy

Blurb: "To avoid his fate as a Breaker Boy – Children forced to work the mines – Zephyr must find a way to earn enough coin to buy his freedom and escape the city of Crater."

A long form fantasy novel I'm working on. I aim to release chapters weekly but had to go on hiatus for some time due to good news, I'm going to be a father! Took some time to work on other priorities but find myself with time to write again. 

This is the first book in a series of books I have planned centered on the main character, Zephyr. I hope you all enjoy it and look forward to your support! Oh and Happy New Year!

Link: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/42765/the-wind-walker 

Quote:"The first strike of the hammer caused a crack to appear in the rock. A second more powerful blow tore it asunder. Pieces crumbled away to reveal a white chunk of ore. Silver veins ran through it that glinted even with the lantern's glim. The boy who wielded the hammer took a moment to glance around the room. All around him sat youth of the same age. Each with their own tiny mallets. Breaker Boys they called them. They all sat in neat little lines separating the impurities from the ore. It was tedious at best but still better than the alternative. The boy thought to himself.

Tap, tap, tap an insistent tone that droned into the boy’s head as the others continued their work. Tap, tap, tap the noise controlled the room in the same way that a fly dominates dung. It was enough to be maddening. The boy imagined it was the reason those working the mines drank so much even if they laid the fault with their wives. Every so often the rhythm was broken up by a loud bang. One such a disturbance drew the boy’s attention. Among the workers strode a man with a cudgel. Every third row he would crack his cudgel down into the wooden runners in which the stone was deposited. To distill discipline. More often than not it would ‘mistakenly’ hit a hand. The man loved his routine and repeated it throughout the day. He had just finished a circuit of the room. Now was the time."


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Parallel Hearts


Darkness ever so deep inside, hatred forever staining the soul. Power but a double edged sword, maybe it can do good as well as causing great destruction. Someone once mighty, two halves originally whole. One of innocence, the other of malice. Both a reflection of one high above, that being binding to the weaker half, under the identity of Cyra.

Infinite in sins they are, embracing their imperfections and selfish desires. Clashing against those endless emotions, memories tormenting but evermore pleasureful. Maybe in the deepest of despair, there can be solace. Even if one is to eternally travel in the harshest of sorrow, it is never truly hopeless, that being trying to right the wrong that has been done. No matter the morrow ahead, perseverance relentlessly protruding. Will Cyra succeed? Or will her enemies?

"My other half...when will you cease this pointless resistance, and join me to become whole once again?"

"Even if I must fight for an eternity, then so be it, to reclaim those pleasureful times..."

"I will no longer live in your shadow Maria!"

A fierce battle now reflecting into reality, an entity from the deepest of abyss awakening once again, bringing demise in the wake of their despair. What is hiding away in the farthest reaches of the past? Why are both halves so conflicted? All of this may be answered.



Genres might change depending on the volume.

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Is Anybody Interested in a Character-driven LitRPG?

Hello! My name is Kai and I'm here to promote my first ever story, Raven Black.

Raven Black is a story set in the fantasy world of Coerra and its main plot revolves around the Ultimate Big Boy, Kari.


Giving in after a year's worth of begging from his best friend, Kari accompanies her on a trip to meet her mother. While on this trip, he comes in contact with a mysterious light, and his life is changed forever.

Being blessed with the world's most sought-after gift, the Spirit of Adventure, he must now complete a series of soul-threatening quests. But, in whose name he goes to these lengths? Is it in the name of an unreasonably vague bird god that talks like he's from the 1500s? No. The reason he chooses to fight to is to find the answer to a question he asked long ago. To solve a mystery that has plagued him his entire life. But the journey ahead isn't paved with the severed heads of monsters he'll slay. He also has to face the frightening beast known as social interaction, others like himself, and demons of his past he had hoped to keep locked away forever.

Will Kari finally get his answer? Or will he succumb to the tremendous weight of the task ahead?

As you can probably tell, I'm not good at writing synopses. Again, this is my first time writing a story. But that doesn't mean that I'm not open to criticism, I actually encourage it. No matter how little or inconsequential you think it might be, I appreciate all the feedback.

Anyway, that's enough rambling from me. Hope you have a good time reading my story!

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Title: Surge


In Shulvar, a world of sword and sorcery where most of the northern and the southern hemispheres are a no man’s land called the Dense Mana Zones, only a thin strip of land is left for mankind, elf-kind and dwarf-kind to share. Yet, for nearly ten years after the defeat of the tyrannical king Arkosh, peace reigned.
Until emerged, from the northern dense mana zone, a sanguine army of hellish creatures, half-goat, half-men, on a scale far greater than anything ever seen. Furthermore, a familiar figure is leading them…
Lynch, after single-handedly ending the war ten years prior, must immerse himself in the arcane arts once more and find the hope within this hopeless struggle.
Reasons why you should read:
-         Fast-paced and highly detailed battles
-         Subtle but unique world-building that mixes magic and science together.
-         Characters that still manage to crack a joke even in the direst circumstances.
-         An antagonist with a purpose different and much deeper than just his own greed.
-         A devil-may-care over-powered protagonist, facing an actual threat for the first time in his life. Yet, he doesn’t disappoint.
Additional info:
Surge is a fast-paced action power-fantasy done right. The story revolves around Lynch, a wizard of unparalleled might on the continent of Shulvar. He has already achieved his happy ending and finished the generic plotline recurrent to most power-fantasy isekai’s out there. However, Lynch’s happy story takes a dark turn as he gets outsmarted by a meticulous enemy. Because the thin line between winning and losing is not always decided by strength.
This is a story I’ve been working on for the past two years. I’ve put a lot of thought into the plot, even though it isn’t especially relevant at first with the non-stop battles. I’ll squeeze in some foreshadowing and unveil the plot bit by bit, starting at chapter 30ish.
I’ll be updating daily for the next two weeks, then I’ll slow down to weekly updates.

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Frostbound - Heroic/Epic Fantasy

After something a little different from the standard Royal Road fare of LitRPGs and Isekai's? Try Frostbound, an epic fantasy set in the frozen northern wastes of Tagaya with world building that takes inspiration from elements of Inuit culture and a unique magic system. I've tried to craft a story driven by strong characters, with realistic reactions to the grief and trauma they suffer throughout the story, whilst pushing those characters into an intense and enjoyable (for us!) adventure with stakes that feel big. If that sounds like your kind of thing, check it out!

Quote:If your loved ones memories could be kept after their death, how far would you go to preserve them?

T'aakshi would never forget the day his father was killed right before his eyes. Now he faces a choice: lead a hunt to kill the beast that still haunts his dreams, or give up his claim to his father's position as Chief and, more importantly, his father's memories.


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One of these again, huh? Let's go!


Demons Don't Lie is a game lit battle royale where every participant is a demon, save for the protagonist, Algier.

Demons are stronger, faster, smarter, and more logical than the average human. Therefore, in this tournament, the Culling, Algier has only one advantage: demon's don't lie, but humans can.

To survive, he'll have to use cunning and wit to overcome insurmountable odds.

I'm using a unique game lit system which is focused on rules and items rather than stats. Every item and rule adds another layer of complexity to Algier's piling up troubles, as well as opportunities for him to get ahead.

Every type of demon forms their own kind of contracts with others which can either be a huge advantage for Algier, or a chain around his neck.

It's fast paced, action packed, and loaded with tons of worldbuilding. I think I'm currently pushing one fight scene every two chapters, and that'll go up once we start getting into the big, 3+ chapter fight scenes.

I just started serialising and have four chapters out at the time of posting, so if you're looking to get in on something that's brand new before everyone else hears about it, you're welcome to join me.

Demons Don't Lie

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Silver, Sand, and Silken Wings

Do you want more stories with dragons? Can't have more dragons than this.

Dive into this Fantasy/Adventure with unusual MC, Sylph, a young Aer dragoness, on the search for the truth about the lies shrouding her past. And when I say dragoness, I mean that literally, no shapeshifting beautiful humans,a literal dragon of small statue in a world where their society exists alongside humanity on floating islands.

And with the recent chapter, now contains 12% more assaulted cactussies. (Responsible for that grammatic abomination is also Sylph.)