Help with understanding reader retention

There’s something that’s been on my mind these last couple of weeks, and I just can’t wrap my head around it. 

Since I got the award of getting premium from the Writathon challenge, I’ve had more than one curious look at my numbers, finding them very interesting and full of information. But something I don’t really get is my reader retention numbers! I rarely go into my chapters to +rep a comment or answer them (I majorly do that through the author dashboard) so let’s say I’m confused that more recent chapters than not have almost 100% retention + over 10% from the previous chapter (so, basically 110%+ retention) and I’m not sure how those numbers come up. Do people simply skip over chapters, or what do you guys think? Do they go back to revisit them for some reason?

I’m honestly confused, haha. Have you guys had this happen and have you gotten an answer to why?

Not sure the image works, thus the link. 

Re: Help with understanding reader retention


MrGrimSmile Wrote: Guess 1) Different devices: People read the same chapter twice on two different devices as they go from work/school to home inflating some chapters.
Guess 2) The page read indication doesn't trigger at the top of the page/load. If a reader has to scroll the page below the bottom text and trigger the loading of comments for example.
Guess 3) A mix of both
Oh, that makes a lot of sense  PeoReading Thank you! It’s also new to me that the indication doesn’t trigger until the end of the chapter. That’s valuable information :D