Welp. I'm back for a bit. The course has been rough, but that hasn't really stopped me from planning your demise- I mean, planning my story!

Anyways, what are your MC's names, and why were they named that?

For mine, Arty and Eli are mine. They're short for Arthur and Eliana, and there's absolutely no special meaning behind those names. 

Re: Names.


Leticia cuz i knew a chick in school called Leticia and the character kinda looks like her
Margaux cuz i am a big fan of Master and Margueritte so i slide in those references whenever i can 
The rest are either from the random name generator website, or the Ikea catalogue (who else gets inspiration for fantasy names there ?)

Re: Names.

I got three MCs 

The first one name is Martyn, you'll notice it should've been with an I rather with Y, but it's intentional, it's sort of a joke because my name is actually misspelled like him too.

The second one name is Arthur, because of his family situation is like King Arthur himself, just minus the incest, and because the meaning, bear, which my boi here is as big as one. 

The last one name is Eleanna, which wasn't my intention at first, she was supposed to be named Elaine or Eleanor, but somewhere down the line on making her character I realized that mixing two names would be more in line with her story and it actually sounded familiar to Elaine, the two name I mix is Elizabeth, her mother, and Anne which is her original intentional name, story wise. 

Re: Names.

Soletus: His name came about because I was trying to make Solstice to work better for a name.

Mien: Was a placeholder named that I misspelled from the original spelling from another story's draft. It was clear I wasn't going to be changing his name so I kept it.

Oeric: Because I didn't like the look of Ulric.

Kiao: I didn't know what else to name this character.

Re: Names.

Welcome back, and Merry Christmas. 🥳

However, I cannot say specifically why I named my main character their name, because it is a massive spoiler. It is honestly the reason why their middle and last name has not been directly mentioned until this recent version, before then it was indirect. Though, now it will mention their middle name in one book, and their last name in another one. I should also make clear, this will be mentioned only once in each book. Let us just leave it at, I had large plans when I started the story.

Re: Names.

Don't want to reveal a lot on some of the naming conventions of my story's main cast due to spoilers but I can reveal a fun fact about two of my characters: 

- Both A supervillain named Herttz and the main protagonist's superhero name Wattz where taken from two different units of measurement: A Hertz (a unit used to frequencies) and a Wat (A unit used to measure electrical power) respectively. 

Re: Names.

Hmm. All this has done is remind me that I don't really remember what inspired my MC's names since they were all written a long time ago so I had all but forgotten what inspired their names. 

Arylos (Zjornfernheim). Not entirely sure what spawned his name. I think in the original draft of the story, the Templarian language had the "ary-" prefix which meant "king", but that was thrown out. I'm pretty sure his original name was "Aryas" since it is also easy to say in Japanese but -as became -los at some point; probably because it sounds more masculine and cooler. I do know his Titanic name Zjornfernheim comes from the Titanic language for "The Elder First Flame", something that will become relevant later on. ;)

Iris Nashonaru. I don't entirely remember what inspired her name but I wanted a really feminine name that was also easy to say in Japanese. I'm pretty sure the original name was Airis but it looked too close to "Aryas", Arylos's original name. "Nashonaru" is also lost on me since I'm pretty sure it was a pun of some kind ("naru" means to become in Japanese) but I don't remember what the "nasho(u)" part was to mean originally. Blame me writing everything down in Katakana and not leaving detailed notes. 

As an aside: Arylos doesn't have a last name per se since he's the only member of his family, but he does have a family name that he hands down like a title. That is "Vahsmorn'r", coming from the in universe-Reig (draconic) language for "Fire of Death". This name hasn't come up yet in The First Flame but it will become relevant, just like his Titanic name.

Re: Names.

In blood's curse the MC is named Marvin because I couldn't come up with a decent enough name so I named him after the one person I knew that resembled him a tiny bit in appearance even if they are the complete opposite in personality.

In legacy his name is Jacob because I wanted a name that sounds decent enough in both Greek and English. In story I always figured Jacob was either his father's or mother's father's name(this was a confusing thing to write) and he was named after him because that's how it is done in Greece traditionally, with some exceptions.

Re: Names.

My protagonist's Victoria Happ-Schwarzenberger was originally a guy in the first draft and I cannibalized her surname from another character. No real reason, I thought it sounded cool.

The deuteragonist Li Chou was conceived after enough randomization in Scrinever's name generator. It's unisex, so initially, Li was a dude. I settled on her being a girl because girls are cuter and easier to get artwork of. Unlike the other few Asiatic characters—Dong Zhui and Dong Che—her surname is written last and not first.

The tritagonist Alexandra Descartes-Dolz was also originally a guy and much like Victoria was cannibalized from characters that appear far later into the original draft. Her name is clearly an Expy of Alexander the Great. Her surname is also inspired by Descartes, the "give her the dick" meme guy from the ye olde internet days.

Re: Names.

Macbeth - I just liked the thought of having the most feared pirate in the universe named "Macbeth".
Imp - In-story, she never told anyone her real name, so the people who found her called her that. Out of story, I just wanted a name that I could have people stop and say "no, your real name" to.
Stevens - ...My other two MC's are Macbeth and Imp, I liked the contrast.

Re: Names.

My RR webnovel is fun, because I just went based off vibes... and vibes alone. After all, it takes place in the modern PNW, and there's no reason anyone would have any fancy names, really. The fantastical characters have names that sound fantastical, and the MCs just have names I'd imagine their parents giving them. 

Save for Helena, the love interest, who's trans and chose her own name. She just chose it because she wanted to kinda name herself after Helen of Troy... because she likes to feel pretty! 

Re: Names.

MC: Quaraun The Insane: The Pink Necromancer: The World's Mot Powerful Wizard, The World's Most Evil Wizard - Quaraun is not his birth name. He doesn't know his birth name. When he was 3 years old, his mother was murdered by his father. His father hated him and was going to kill him too, but his uncle handed him to a squid-headed priest and told the priest to take the Elf boy and flee. The priest fled to Persia (from Quebec) and gave the Elf boy a Persian name to help him fit in with the locals. The alien-squid/priest believed the Elf boy to be a prophesied chosen one (he wasn't, but the priest thought he was) so the priest named the Elf boy, Quaraun, which is a real world Medieval Persian name that means "hand of God".
  • The Pink Necromancer - because he is a Necromancer and he always wears pink sequins Las Vegas showgirl style feather dresses.
  • Quaraun the Insane - after his lover BoomFuzzy commits suicide, Quaraun murders his wife and 4 small children to resurrect BoomFuzzy as a Lich. Because he murdered his family, The Justice Mages who hunt him, dubbed him as "Quaraun the Insane" on his wanted posters, and the title stuck.
  • The World's Most Powerful Wizard - he actually is the most powerful mage, so he carries this title, a side effect of his also being possessed by a D'Jinn spirit, that causes every wish he hears to instantly happen, witch horribly wrong side effects... one day he wished "everyone would die" and 21Billion people on 3 planets instantly turned to bone and ash. He's been called The World's Most Powerful Wizard, ever since.
  • The World's Most Evil Wizard - he's not, but people think he is, so that's what they call him
MC's lover: King Gwallmaiic, Elf Eater of Pepper Valley, Lich King of Fire Mountain aka BoomFuzzy the Unicorn - and he says that entire thing every time he introduces himself, which is about every sentence he says.
  • - Gwallmaiic is his birth name. It's a real world Medieval Welsh name that I saw one day while researching Medieval Welsh stuff and I thought: "Damn! I have to give that name to my Unicorn Lich King!" (who at the time had been just called "Unicorn" and "The Elf Eater" for the first decade or so of publishing the series. He's a Welsh Faerie (A Phooka who takes the form of a Kelpie-like black water unicorn) and I had wanted to give him a real, period Welsh name, but I never found one the felt right for him, so for years he just had the placeholder "Unicorn" in everything and never had a name. He is the King of the Realm of Fae, because he killed and ate all the other Faerie Kings.
  • The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley is his "official title" (this is a series where people like to shout out their long ridiculous titles after their long ridiculous names, every time they walk in the room, so every character has a blankety blank of the blankest blank of blank, type of title after their names.) He is a Phooka, and his cousin is Krampus from the North Pole in Santa's village. He was kicked out of Santa's village because of his habit of drugging the eggnog then eating Santa's Christmas Elves. Thus he was dubbed "The Elf Eater". After fleeing Santa's Village he moved his teleporting gingerbread house to a place called Pepper Valley and set out to eating all the Elves in that region. Thus he became known as The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley.
  • Lich King of Fire Mountain - he's a Lich and his Lich Lair is inside of an enchanted interdimensional volcano named Fire Mountain. The mountain can appear anywhere, and time, any place, just like Castle Ravenloft from 2nd ed ADnD.
  • BoomFuzzy the Unicorn - he actually is a Unicorn and, he shapeshifts into a human form, who lives in a gingerbread house and makes candy that he hands out to the unsuspecting Elf children who he eats. He's the gingerbread chef who built Santa's gingerbread village. BoomFuzzy came from the Seventh Sanctum's Extreme Fantasy Name Generator, I just liked how it sounded when I said it out loud. I just like saying BoomFuzzy, so I added it to Unicorn's already long list of names.
MC's other lover: GhoulSpawn aka The Gremlin - half Elf, half Chaos Demon, this cloven-hoofed, sheep-man, whose more sheep than man, was born to an Elf princess whom had run off with her Chaos Demon lover from the Hell Dimension, who was known by Humans as The Ghoul or The Ghoul King. (Note: Hell in this world is a real place, a planet, that is very close to it's sun and the surface of the planet is largely magma rivers. It is inhabited by goat men and sheep men, similar to fauns and satyrs. Humans dubbed it Hell due to it's resemblance to Biblical Hell, but it is not Biblical Hell).
  • GhoulSpawn does not know his real name, as he was born on Hell (the planet) and his Elf mother died shortly after he was born. His Demon father, fearing the baby would also die from Hell's hot atmosphere, returned him back to the Elves on Earth. The Elves, because they loved his mother, kept the boy and raised him, but they dubbed him GhoulSpawn, which literally means "Spawn of the Ghoul King" to never let him forget that he was seen as more Demon then Elf. 
  • Later in life (centuries later in the 1970s, when he is over a thousand years old) GhoulSpawn buys a 1974 AMC Gremlin (car) and discovers the car is a time machine. In the 1980s, he changes his name from GhoulSpawn to Gremlin, naming himself after his car.
MC's rival: HellBorne the Evil, Chaos Dawn-reaper the Cult-killer, Son of the Darkness, Master of the Black Tower aka HellBorne Summoner of Darkness - Quaraun's half-Elf, half-Human son, by a Human prostitute. While Quaraun returns to the brothel every year to give the prostitute money to raise his son, Quaraun takes no part in the half-Elf's life. The child was named Elwin by his mother, a play on the word Elfling. As an adult Elwin grows bitter when he learns that Quaraun had 3 other sons whom lived with him - all 3 of whom are also super villains like their father, Quaraun. Believing the only way to win his father's love is to become the most evil super villain of all time, Elwin renames himself: HellBorne the Evil, Chaos Dawn-reaper the Cult-killer, Son of the Darkness, Master of the Black Tower aka HellBorne Summoner of Darkness quite simple because he concluded it was the most evil sounding name he could think of to call himself, and goes on a killing spree, with his one goal being simply to be so evil, that he becomes more evil then his father "Quaraun The Insane: The Pink Necromancer: The World's Mot Powerful Wizard, The World's Most Evil Wizard".

While Quaraun is himself an evil super villain (as are all the other MCs listed here - the series is told from the PoV of the world's most evil super villains), HellBorne is the series' "antagonist". 

MC's teacher/tutor/mentor: ZooLock the Great, sometimes called The Mighty Zoo - a squid-headed priest from Neptune's Moon, who raises Quaraun. Like BoomFuzzy, the name ZooLock came from the Seventh Sanctum's Extreme Fantasy Name Generator, I just liked how it sounded when I said it out loud. ZooLock is the Cult Leader of the very Lovecraftian Cthulhu style "Cult of The Sacred Pink JellyFish".

Re: Names.

The Admiral- Her true name and what she wants to be called. Its the rank she reached before defecting and stealing a warship. Her 'actual' name is Loretta Desson and I just needed a name that didn't sound quite like it fit her. a bit old fashioned sounding considering the scifi setting and a name she threw off for just The Admiral.

Francis Fitzkeller- needed a name that was both simple yet had a good beat to it. It also is a touch of a reference to a fav character of mine that also had a last name that started with Fitz.

Antag: Ares Centios- OOC named after the god of war and a last name that isn't exactly out there but isn't something I've even seen IRL to given it the scifi vibe.