Re: How long did it take you to gather a following?

What do you consider a significant following? 

My first story here which, god, was not very good managed to get 70ish folks following along.

This one is around 150 now, with the nice folks who enjoy it.

But I dunno, at the end of the day, writing the story I am now is practice for future projects and possible publishing. I really appreciate that the people who enjoy my story can contribute to that and improve my skills as a writer by pointing out flaws. In return, I really do hope they have a good time reading what I'm currently capable of now.

That same goal could be met with 20 or 1,500 to be honest.

Re: How long did it take you to gather a following?

This is all very encouraging! I've been here for 2 years but only started posting chapters a few days ago. I was wondering if getting 14 followers already was typical, and now I see it depends on the story. It's hard not to keep reloading your stats every day to see how things are progressing. I personally thing having a small number of avid readers is much better than having 100's of folks who follow and never engage.

Re: How long did it take you to gather a following?

The fact I have more than 1 follower is shocking. My story may not have a huge following, stopping at around 60 followers but it's more than I deserve. It's taken me about 10 months, despite not doing anything. I didn't do review swaps or any advertising so I say it's a win. My story is definitely a love it or hate it kind of thing and it started as an inside joke. I'm glad other people are in on it now.