Re: What are some of your hobbies besides writing?

I play the guitar
I translate japanese things into english things. Sometimes for my japanese friends, I will translate things from english into japanese for them. 
I cook
I go to heavy metal concerts
I go camping, hiking, and fishing
I garden
I hunt. 
I climb "fourteeners"
I listen to Pink Floyd REALLY FUCKIN' LOUD
I've made wine before, but I wouldn't consider it a "hobby" since I've only done it the once. 
Oh, and I've been playing and GM'ing/ DM'ing since the early 1990's. 

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. 

Re: What are some of your hobbies besides writing?

Hmm, not in any particular order:
  • Manga/Anime (thought about doing manga translations but that's more work than I can take and I prefer Sirius which gets enough translators)
  • Making games (my passion really)
  • Playing music. Was a metal performer back in the day.
  • Reverse engineering games and their engines
That's pretty much it. Music, games, and tech stuff. And the occasional Bob Ross painting.

Re: What are some of your hobbies besides writing?

Hmm... let's see:

Manga/Anime - caught up with SPY x FAMILY, Kaguya-sama, Shadows House, etc. Recently finished takt. op: destiny, bingeing 86 season 2...
Drawing - mostly oc stuff, but not very good at it yet.
Sports - basketball and volleyball being my favorites (my jump height is decent), but I really enjoy watching football/soccer (man utd fan)
Composing music - still in progress of my first actual composition
Wasting time on Discord
Reading random history-related Wikipedia articles

Re: What are some of your hobbies besides writing?

- Video games and anime (wish I could make these)
- art (digitally making it)
- music (digitally making it)
- reading hundreds of years old books about the occult
- Whatever random topic I suddenly gain an interest in and go 300 youtube videos deep in
- Does poetry count as different enough to writing stories?
- Philosophy

DrakanSigh  And not being interesting in the slightest despite all those interests.

Re: What are some of your hobbies besides writing?

-Reading, of course. Fantasy, sci-fi, Warhammer 40K related stuff and RR serials for the most part, but sometimes non-fiction.
-Listening to music, metal, electronic, and hip-hop mostly. Been on stoner/doom stuff pretty hard lately.
-Weightlifting. It's fun!
-Shooting. Mostly just putting holes in paper, and sometimes shooting trap with some friends. Haven't been going to the range as much lately with current USA ammo prices, though.
-Mountain biking. I just got an electric-assist mountain bike and now I can ride 3x as much in the same amount of time and without being clapped to hell when I get to the top of the hill, totally worth it.
-Motorcycling, when it's warm out. Unfortunately the Hayabusa has long since flown south (aka into the garage) for the winter.
-Being unbearably hyped for Elden Ring to come out.

Re: What are some of your hobbies besides writing?


nerdy_asian27 Wrote: Here are some of mine:
  • Playing the guitar (Been at it for 6 years now)
  • Weightlifting (Need them gainz!)
  • Watching shows/movies
  • Reading (Kind of why I got into writing)
Feel free to share some of yours :)

Ayyy, weight lifting gang.

I would say reading, but I don't have too much time for that these days (writing and reading my own stuff takes up most of my hours already). Comics/Manga stuff of course.

Others would be playing TCGs with my bro. Magic the gathering, and Flesh & Blood.

Gatcha games, my profile pic is Suzuran from Arknights

Then there's messing around with my linux laptop.

Can't get into television/movie stuff these days, anime used to held my interests, but its getting more predictable in their plot (imo), so...there's that.

Re: What are some of your hobbies besides writing?

YouTube and short films. I've got my own channel, but mostly I help Enigmahills and Ninja Tank Martial Arts do their stuff. I've got a full length movie I'm in as well, but it's still being edited. 
Music. I'm in a band. I also built the soundtrack for the movie.
Martial Arts. I teach Mondays and Thursdays. 
Magic the Gathering. Cause I'm a nerd. 
And the rest of my time is spent hanging out with my wife, who does all these things but slightly better. 

Re: What are some of your hobbies besides writing?

Art - I like draw thing, I very bad at draw thing, I still draw thing. 

Destiny 2 - yes I consider this a hobby all on its own. It's a problem and an addiction I've had since I was twelve(I'm 18 as of now for context). Possibly the most unhealthy of obsession in my life because of the sheer amount of time I can dump into the game without getting bored. 

Writing - Something I will share eventually, though when is still up in the air. 

Cooking - I'm horrid at it but it's a life skill that I find enjoyable. 

Gaming - I play pretty much everything. Shooters, RPG, card games, sims, rts, etc. I have a lot of free time, it's a problem.

Researching - This is perhaps more obscure but I enjoy researching topics that spark my interest, whether they be history, politics, etc. Generally when I'm required to do it for a certain thing I hate it, but researching for fun is well... fun for me. 

Reading - hmmm... this seems out of character for an RR user. 

Warhammer - Blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne. Papa Nurgle is a close second. 

D&D - I'm a Dm, a forever one, so who would've guessed I like stories and telling them. 

Gym - push big weight make my brain go yay. 

Boxing - hit big heavy bag make my brain go whoo. 

is there anything else? nope don't think so. That's pretty much my life now.