Goodbye Royal Road

Everybody since people can't read a story without nitpicking on the grammar here and can't get real feedback (Characterization, Plot and Worldbuilding) without puking on the grammar if your First language isn't English, I'll leave Royal Road.

I didn't plan to publish my story in English without a proper professional translation anyway, and since my machine translation + human translation isn't good enough for Prepublication (to get feedback) 

The persons I've asked feedback to either
1a:) Refused to give me feedback on my story due to Grammar and told me that it was garbage.

2a) Agreed to a review swap which I did for them, gave them feedback. But when it was time to give it back, they just vanished without giving me proper feedback except some grammar edits.

 I'm planning to quit Royal Road and those English-dominated platforms and focus on the Francophone Market. 
Being here is a pure waste of time. 

 And for those wanting to read my story before it gets a proper translation :
Either; Translate it yourself or just Learn french because I'm not translating this anymore. 

I'm tired of catering to y'all just to get shit on due to imperfect grammar.
I invite everyone that doesn't speak English as a first language  to leave this platform as well.

«Such a great community,»
Such a great waste of time.

you review swaps and you get shit on due to improper grammar.

People here can't see the forests for the trees.

So goodbye peeps was nice to waste time with you guys. 

Hope you non-anglophones start asking for a real platform for your works because you won't be treated well here.

Jay's Out. 

PS: For the fans wanting to read the story, It will be available on Neovel. 

Re: Goodbye Royal Road

Bye. Sorry you have that experience.

I understand the sentiment. My series is "preview only" quality when it comes to the grammar and style. I don't have experience with RR but a person who volunteered to read drafts and make suggestions deleted a shared file that 4 people were working on. So I can tell you your experience isn't really unique to RR. It's the nature of the overall community. Most people have never been taught criticisms other than grammar. Even in college, professors never really wanted to teach what I call literary tricks. Writing tropes, sequences, clean breaks, themes, retelling old stories, etc. It's rare to get feedback on that type of stuff.

Re: Goodbye Royal Road


ArthurScott Wrote: Like 90% of critiques are mechanical on this site regardless if you're a native speaker or not. Neovel is the same. And you're likely not gonna get any feedback on Neovel because it's a ghost site. 

Stick around and ask more people for swaps. You have 2. Look at people's reviews/recent comments to see who knows what they're talking about. 

Also I don't get what's so wrong about correcting your grammar. Grammar can systematically ruin everything else about your story if it hinders the clarity enough.

Have an awesome Christmas and an amazing new year!

Because they don't want a real review. I'll admit, I was one of the people who said his grammar was "garbage" (I didnt) and gave them tips on how to fix them.

I got a less than stellar response.

So I'm not surprised to see them go--they seem to have more issues than this.

Edit: For those who are +5ing my story due to the review bomb, don't. Giving unwarranted 5's is just as bad as giving unwarranted. 5's.

Re: Goodbye Royal Road

It makes me angry seeing people attacked for offering help just because it doesn't happen to align with what a writer wants.

I am a person who is very good at grammar corrections and pretty bad at anything else; when I offer critique it's usually surface level. But that's still something that takes time and effort, something that most writers have to pay for, and something that's being provided by readers as a free gift to help the story improve. I have been on other platforms where 'no critiques wanted' became the norm, and I love RR specifically because it's a place where writers and readers can interact and critique is accepted and expected.

Sorry OP had a couple bad swaps, but that's no excuse to badmouth people who were probably still trying to help to the best of their ability. And it's certainly not an excuse to call for a widespread departure. If you aren't ready to be critiqued in English, then by all means, go somewhere where that isn't expected. But don't try to destroy our community just because you don't find it suits your own needs at this time.

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ArthurScott Wrote: Like 90% of critiques are mechanical on this site regardless if you're a native speaker or not.
This is what I came here to say.

I'm a native speaker (and know A LOT about grammar) and have had different variations of this experience. 

I've been told I have grammar errors in a review and when I messaged the person like, "Hey, what grammar rules am I breaking?" They are kind enough to reply, but I was a little shocked when they start critiquing something that isn't even grammar. Like, you just don't like my writing style (which is totally fine) but my grammar is still correct XD

I've typed a substantial amount of story feedback and got "your writing is sometimes redundant" and one example from the text in return. Like thanks, but totally NOT what I was looking for.

Also, I've been told that my grammar is incorrect due to overusage of prepositions by a non-native speaker.... I can write "I ate all of the cookies" or "I ate all the cookies" and both are correct. When non-native speakers learn English, they tend to learn to omit the extra preposition so they don't put them where they are genuinely incorrect. Plus, the first IS stylistically better; it's just not *technically* wrong. I tend to write the first because that's how I literally speak everyday, but otherwise, I totally agree that I should rein back my linguistic quirk. I try to be mindful of it when drafting, but in the end, it's going to be line edits and proofreading that buffs out all those extra preposition AFTER my developmental edits.

And that's what writers mainly want feedback on--the actual story, and that's the feeback that's hard to come by. It takes more work to do.

So, with feedback swaps, you have to communicate your expectations clearly. I don't know what went wrong exactly, but my guess is it was miscommunication.

Normally, a lot of non-native English authors choose to write in English because of the larger readerbase. They're not going to hire someone to do official translations for them; heck, they might not even write their story in their native language at all. It's easy how the community could be confused and think grammar is the first and foremost thing you need help with. (For instance, there's evidence of the machine translation in the first two sentences of your blurb.)

You'd have to be really clear that you only want story feedback. Even then, I don't see how useful this would be.... These words are the way that the story is conveyed, and a good translation is more than one-to-one, swapping out the equivalent words. I have no doubt that a bad translation could render some story feedback moot (like "this aspect of worldbuilding was unclear, needs more description" or "this plot moment wasn't impactful"... it could all come down to the language. Maybe it was fine in the original version, just the poor translation messed it up.) Personally, I wouldn't try to do a swap like this, at any rate.

But yeah.

When people say RR is good for feedback they don't mean you're going to get a free, full developmental edit crowdsourced out of it. If that is anybody's expectation, then you're going to be disappointed. Some of the really useful feedback at the beginning of my story came in recently--after I've been posting for 7 months. Nevertheless, my eventual rewrite IS going to be better because I posted on RR and discerned the points of issue based on reader feedback.

To sum up: I think this is a good site, and there's value for both native and non-native speakers. You have to learn how to navigate swaps to get what you want, and totally expect some less than stellar experiences from time to time because we are just random people on the Internet. *shrug* And when trying to do something in any language, it helps when that language is serviceable...