Hello everyone!

Hey, I've been working with a novel recently, I was hopping around the website and found this introduction forum. Nice to see everyone.

Also don't mind the profile pic, I'm actually still young. It's a roleplay that had been stuck with me ever since I started having to enjoy acting like an Old man. 

Occasionally, I could bait someone thinking I'm their Grandfather, it was funny to see their reactions.

What could best describe me? I guess I'm good at wanky ideas, sometimes I have the urge to challenge conventional ideas, but what everyone definitely finds me amusing is that all my story is focused on being an "old man," you can see even it in my profile picture.

I take roleplaying to the next level, even to the point if you talk to me, I'll quickly respond and act like another worldly old man.

  The Far Seer

Re: Hello everyone!

A very belated welcome. I think the profile pic is appropriate considering how long you've been here. Congrats on starting a novel. Certainly stick around the Forums. A great place to interact with other writers and give your work some additional exposure. Speaking of which, be sure to add a link to your story in your signature. You can do that here. https://www.royalroad.com/account/signature Click on the Generate for my Fictions button then save it.

Hope you enjoy your writing experience and that many people read your novel. Good luck.