(Almost) 20 days of Royal Road

I'm a couple hours short of being on this site for 20 days, and just want to put something out there for even NEWER people.

In twenty days, I have:
1 fiction with 13 chapters, 23 unique followers, 6 reviews, 3 ratings, 9 favorites, and 56 comments. It's also currently ranked #5282

It's not the best book. It's not the best I can write, but I am attempting to make small corrections to get on the path that I want it. But it does well despite this. 

I have 3 silver achievements and 3 bronze that are on the cusp of silver. I have over 200 comments and 25 reviews written. And a LOT of good stories to read when I want to. Level 10 user, 21 rep level.

It feels...weird to have this much in so little time, but it was honestly easy.

Post in these forums. Read stuff from other users. Comment. Review. Post chapters daily until you have a following that you feel like is enough. Or at least consistently. People like consistency.

I'm also in the User Event discord, which I highly recommend. I'm sure Verlin will pop in to drop the link somewhere.

Community is such a huge thing here. It's made me feel welcomed, and gave me something more to achieve than just writing. So my advice, from one new person to another, is to be active. 

It's worth it.

Re: (Almost) 20 days of Royal Road


I too am new to Royal Road, and I currently have one fiction with ten chapters in five days. As for followers, you are the only one…but I’m sure that will change in time (I’m hoping). At the moment, my story is ranked #16865 or somewhere near that. That puts it…fifteen thousand places behind? The total views I have number around 200, with the average at 24. So far, I have been enjoying this ride, and I can’t wait to grow as a writer here. Of course, I wish I had the ability to skip through time, as I can when writing about Illate, but I have to go through the motions of life slowly and steadily. Which really sucks.