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I think most of you know what I'm talking about seeing as RR is mostly fantasy webnovels. When I say Icons, I mean those characters who are as old as time, who are a fundamental part of the reality they're in. 
Some people will literally name them what they are, for example: The being that represents the concept of time would just be called Time.
But that's not what I want, I have a character like that who represents chaos, but I don't want to name him Chaos or Khaos or any other derivative of the word. I want a real name with meaning that either readers already know of or that I can create in my books. And so I come to you with two questions.
1. What do you guys do if you have to name a character like this?
2. Can any of you come up with any names for this guy? 
If it helps I could give some background about him, he's about as close to an all-powerful being as you can get and he even realizes that the Author (*cough* totally not me if you're wondering) is in the process of creating new realities. He knows he's essentially a half-formed thought of the Author (I'm not going to bother explaining that, you can read it in my book when I start publishing it here) but he's incapable of realizing that he's at his core, a plot device. He's a being of chaos that doesn't realize he's a slave to the Author, which is ironic on purpose.

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1: I pick a name from the real world, maybe a few words in a random language related to what it is, and I stick them together.

For example a demon of the dark would become "sötét"(hungarian for dark) and " iblis" (Hausa for demon), end result "Sötib" or maybe " Étlis" ,
of course consistency across names matter and all that but this is just an example.

2: Not to be rude, but few if any people are going to read your story just to pick out a name that has meaning in the context of your world. That's just a lot of work, also wouldn't work if what you've written doesn't describe the context necessary.

Apparently  Sötib is Estonian for 'dares', which is actually not bad either for an icon. Might use this myself now.

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Here's my ideas:

1.) Mash keyboard, include weird letters, done.


2.) The first part of Schrodinger's equation.

That iHeet looking thing at the start. You gonna have to crop that as image doe, because fk knows how I'm gonna type that...

3.) Google "kaomoji". Browse through the faces.


Erase some symbols. Add symbols. Mix and match until you come up with some unidentifiable, alien-looking horror of a face. Use that as name. Profit.

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Hmm. A tough question for sure.

Within Mercenary Mage, I have three characters that are literally fundamental parts of the universe. They are more abstract thoughts really, however, I ran into the same questions when it came to naming them. Eventually, I came to the decision I couldn't just name them. So what I did was I split them each into various aspects.

The three characters in question are The Entity, Entropy, and Existence. Those are their titles, however, not their names. They are better known in my macro universe by their titles, however, they introduce themselves under different, sometimes widely varying, names as they interact with different aspects of the universe.

So to answer your questions:

1. What do you guys do if you have to name a character like this?
Yes, I have three. The Entity, Entropy, and Existence.

2. Can any of you come up with any names for this guy? 
I cant give too many spoilers here, but while they hold the titles they do, such as Entropy, they may also go by various names. Such as George, Dan, or Cameron in my fiction. Also, those are not the names they use. I won't give that away. Good try :P

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That character that you just described is very similar to a character I'm writing(don't want to spoil) but the way I named them was just that I named them. I just name characters the first weird name that comes to my head. Thats where I get weird names like Gaxtex, Joket, and Vivus from. 

Serious answer now, basically if you want your name to relate to chaos in some way without being too in your face about it, you got effectively three options. 

1. Name him chaos but in another real world language. For instance you can name him Xaoc which is the Russian word for chaos.

2. You can create your whole new language and then name him after the word for chaos that you just created. 

3. Come up with a random name first, then relate that name to chaos in someway. For instance in my story Tower of Redemption, Gaxtex, a genius inventor names the devices that my characters use after him. Something like that. 

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If you don't want the english word or variations of it you can always purposefully mix around other languages. Instead of time look to latin works like aevum, tempus etc. The easiest way to make a name "mean something" is to have it literally be the definition in a different language. French/Dutch/Japanese/etc You can also find synonyms of your concepts and then find translations of those synonyms.

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Ararara Wrote: You can go for comedic effect, and just name him something dumb like "Jerry". Or "Bob" 
Ararara Wrote: It could also use an infinite number of random names. Like, it's the god of chaos, it could refer to itself with a different name each and every time. Or, even if other people try to say his name, they end up saying something else or something random?
That sounds pretty interesting actually. I might try out something similar to that.