150k words written in the Old Realms saga


Quote:There it is then, I blame Writathon for this haha :) 
It pushed me to produce words much faster than I had planned, but it's all well DrakanWine
This being a personal milestone, it gives me a chance to smile and even let out a sigh of relief for a job well-done just before the holidays.
Both Touch O' Luck and Lure O' War are doing well enough,
the first almost at 5k views, the other rounding 2k despite the competition making everything harder for all of us.


Lure O' War


Touch O' Luck
A big heartfelt thank you to all those enjoying Glen's and all the other lads and lasses story, I promise ye, there's more to come DrakanMelt
On to the next milestone I guess DrakanBook