(Technically) Completed NanoWriMo!

I first entered NaNoWrimo when I was in high school, and made it like 15k in before giving up. It's been literally 10 years since then, and 5 since I wrote any story/short story of any kind. Between figuring out how to deal with my ADHD, and life happening, I kind of accepted the fact that I'd never get to write a novel like I'd always wanted to.

And yet, here we are! 50k down, while juggling work, an artist residency, music, and a whoooole lot of other shit.

I am so happy that, a month ago I decided "* it, worst thing that can happen is I drop out of writathon" and started figuring out this story idea.

I'm rambling now, but I guess I just wanted to say that I am so grateful for Writathon, and I look forward to meeting the proper goal in a few day's time! ...as well as taking a week or so off after that to give myself a well-deserved break haha.

If anyone reading this is struggling, or losing motivation, or just feeling like giving up, I am sending you all my love and encouragement. Writathon or no, whatever it is, I hope you find success and happiness.