What social media outlets, if any, do you use for marketing?

I'm active on Reddit (www.reddit.com/r/thornsong) and gaining some traction on Twitter, but my general irritation at Facebook keeps me from setting up shop there.

The problem I'm finding is that very few broad-spectrum media platforms are fertile for finding new readers.

Is there something a tad more specific I should try? Some way to get the words in front of folks who want to read them, rather than just sort of casting into the middle of the lake and hoping for the best? :-)

Re: What social media outlets, if any, do you use for marketing?

I have an all new plan for an Instagram marketing effort. I have my background waiting at home so I'll let you know how it goes. 

Basically I'm going to overlay pictures of hand made paper with text snippets designed to plug into other often searched terms. Like out of context quotes for example.

Honestly if every writer advertised some and boosted the growth of RR. Well I like that image so I'm going to do my part like it's Starship Troopers.

Re: What social media outlets, if any, do you use for marketing?

Thornsong Wrote: s there something a tad more specific I should try?
You can try taking out an ad here on RR. From the experiences I heard, you might get a lot of one-stars—but your milage may very of course.

I won't waste a paragraph about my depressing twitter experiences since you're set there. I also post chapter releases on a dozen discords (only about 3 of them are writing, rest are gaming/friend communities I'm involved in) but at this point, I do it out of obligation and not to expect any new readers. The writing ones are writer-oriented or don't have the time of day/look down on webnovels so it's just broadcasting into the void on my part.

I think, personally, your biggest chances will be limited to being seen on RR's latest update pages, or review swaps if you care about those—even shoutouts from bigger authors. Trying to get readers from other platforms will (probably) be a big hit or miss. I saw a post on Reddit that you should treat other places like Reddit as platforms on their own. I cross-post my story on other sites but it's usually minimal compared to the gains I gain organically (or forceful, like Review swaps I guess) on RR.

And, well, at the end of the day it depends on what you're writing, how consistent you are, so on and so forth... 

Re: What social media outlets, if any, do you use for marketing?

None currently. Given how large a lot of social media works, you already need to have an audience before you jump on social media, especially with something like Twitter and Facebook where the membership there is stale because the platform is too large. If you can truly make it work, then great. However, Twitter seems to be a great place for writers to support each other, however that mostly in the self-published and traditionally published sphere. And writers don't read.

I am going to try Instagram those because it's Twitter and I will not bother with Facebook. The less time I'm there, the better.

I think probably the best places at this point are sub-reddits and Discords as well as posting on other web-fiction platforms. There really just needs to be a hub for web-fiction writers. Not so much of a place where one can post their stories, but a good place where one can actually advertise their stories.

Re: What social media outlets, if any, do you use for marketing?

Unless you pay (a lot) for promoted posts, social medias are just a waste of time and money. They target audiences like a blind man with an Ak-47 shooting flying ducks from a horse. It's better building an audience from mouth-to-ear by being active on forum and reddit. It takes time, yes but at least you won't have to eat moss soup for the rest of our life.

Re: What social media outlets, if any, do you use for marketing?

If anyone thinks they can just self promote into the void of social media and hope to pull people to their story, you're sorely mistaken IMO. Your best bet is targeted self-promotion inside active community groups on social media. As in, if you are active on certain discords as part of other communities, or you go to genre specific communities on social media sites, you might find some success promoting your stories there. But just setting up a Twitter and posting out when you post new chapters isn't going to do anything but waste your time. Using social media in that way is only useful if you already have a core group of readers who you want to keep engaged. 

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I was actively trying to grow a following on Instagram (aka Bookstagram) and gathered about 1.7k followers, but what I leanred that those numbers were mostly worthless. My stories were only getting about 20-40 views, compared to main which gets views in the 100's. I think when I'm ready to start promoting my story heavily (i.e when it's finished) I'll likely use my main social accounts. My partner has quite a large following but I haven't asked her to promote anything yet but that's also an option in the future too.

From what I've seen on Instagram is that people are really only interested in making pretty aesthetics with covers and like farming and aren't all that interested in looking for new writers. I think smaller writing communities seem to work better unless you're doing a massive ad campaign across social to reach readers for a book launch.

Re: What social media outlets, if any, do you use for marketing?

I am using Twitter and TikTok, though I have my frustrations with TikTok, I’ll be honest. Getting any engagement whatsoever there is very difficult. On Twitter, there are plenty of writers who are very supportive, but there’s a bit of a grey area when it comes to web fiction, because most writers are either self-pubbed or traditionally pubbed. I try to follow/talk to people from the various sites where I post, but it’s a tossup as to whether people see you thanks to the algorithm. Still, putting up links about new chapters and the like has lead to some engagement. I think most readers are invisible, but they are there. 

I’ve considered maybe trying another avenue for artwork, but I know not everyone does artwork for their stories, so I can’t say if something like Instagram would be useful for drawing in readers based on a book cover or not. 

Checking out Discord may be helpful. You could also try YouTube videos about your work if you’re not camera shy. 

This isn’t social media necessarily, but if you’re able/when everything is less crazy, going to conventions may be a good idea as well. Or checking out places where readers hang out. 

It would be nice to have a social media that was for books/writing/reading that wasn’t like Goodreads where it’s all reviews and jerks (sorry, Goodreads, but you know your flaws).