Re: Stories.

What and when was the first story that you've written?

What was it?  I have no idea... because the first story I wrote was probably in grade school as a class assignment.  I know by 4th grade we had to write various themed stories (like, "what is your most memorable vacation, family outing, or event?" type things) and we also had to turn them into actual books.  Write all the pages by hand, get help with the sharp objects to "bind" them, and then the outside covers were made with a thicker material (maybe it was cardboard? Can't remember) and use decorative sticky-backed shelving paper to wrap around the covers to make it all work.  I'm pretty sure I still have a few of them somewhere...  I do remember the vacation one I wrote about was about the vacation just prior to that school year where we ended up driving back home through some massive lines of thunderstorms and were essentially dodging tornadoes during one point. family has gained a reputation for being cursed with being on road trips where major nature events happen on the return trip. Mostly tornadoes. One earthquake. Fun times.  One relative worked with the national weather service for a while and they started joking in office that they should just strap a radar to whatever car we take on a road trip to gather data.  Good times.

How bad was it compared to your writings now?

Haven't written anything that wasn't a formal document for a decade.  Sad times.  I'm definitely better at lots of aspects of writing now compared to 4th grade, but I don't think having a coherent plot is one of them... 

Re: Stories.

Well as i might still want to use elements of it i wont dive to deep, but basically 3 sided war thats almost at a long term stand still as if kingdom a attacks kingdom b kingdom c will pick off the winner and they wall want to be kingdom c so its mostly border skirmishes for the "war" and the main characters finding stuff that the gods left on the lands and hope they can use it to stop said war.

I did get pretty far i think 50k words, but i kept restarting it was my main problem.

honestly making a web novel helped me stop that as when you have readers it's horrible to redo the whole story randomly. fixing little mistakes is one thing but having to redo the whole story is not something i will allow myself to do when people read my story even if its only a few dozen and not like tens of thousands XD