Re: Read my first story after two years is shit!

Grimdux, that happens when you're plotting :), « Sad part» of not being a «discovery» writer.. But I prefer to plot because it allows me to do a better foreshadowing and to control more my book's pacing. ¸

It's really tough to plot it well though, it usually takes me 1-2 weeks of deep and intense thinking to come up with the plot, define the characters and everything but once it's done, all that remains is writing.

Re: Read my first story after two years is shit!

Most often, no one will be as harsh a critic of your work as yourself. You are the only one who knows what you WANTED it to be, everyone else has to judge just by what it is. So while they can only compare it to other works they read, you can compare it to the impossible ideal you have in your head. 

That being said, everyone makes improvements in style and technique with practice. Going back to a story you wrote before you learned some things can be jarring to read. Here is my recommendation: Do not delete it. Appreciate it as a signpost of your past and how far you have come since then. Like keeping old "fat clothes" after you lose a bunch of weight, you keep them as a memory of how things used to be. 

If you really want to experiment, dig out the old outline (or make a new one) of your story and plot points, and do a rewrite in your more modern up to date style. So long as it wasn't published, you can re-release it with your updated skill. Something the movie industry seems fond of doing with CGI advancements, you can replicate with your writing. If you are interested, if you want to, if it would be a good way to advance for you, then do it. However, if you are done with that story, even if it was poorly written, then just let it be as a relic of where you came from, be proud of where you are, and keep writing. 

Re: Read my first story after two years is shit!

I had just started to reread my story, triggered by a comment of a reader regarding readability. 

The last days I spent to iron out bad grammar and layout, finding (and probably adding) Typos in the first 20 chapters. After that it was at least bearable, but I'm going to revisit them later on. 

I'm still content regarding plot holes at the moment, I have experience with that from gm-ing pen&paper sessions though.

In the end it's the way learning works. When I look back on my professional carrier, there were many things I early on that would shoot down now without blinking.

Be happy about your improvements and go on from there.