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Welcome to Royal Road. I think you'll find it a good place to share your work and find of lot of good stories to read. Once your work is accepted, add a link to it in your signature. You can do that here Just click the Generate for my Fictions button then save it. Then when you post to the Forums, select the Display your signature box below your post. Also be sure to check out Cinn's beginner's guide which has a lot of useful information about Royal Road.

Hope you find Royal Road to be a great experience and that many people check out your work. Good luck.

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ZenTalonsZ Wrote: Hey! am new to this community!
I just submitted my book(it's in pending...) and am eager to try out new books! 
I love fiction, whatever kind :D
Hallo! Welcome to this little corner of the Internet. Here's a little poem to help you navigate the forrum 

If you be in mind for some fun check out the games forum;
And if your writing hath hit a snag then the solution may lie in the writing forum;
Or if a good argument be your wish, you'll be sure to find it in the debate forum;
Marketing also occupies its very own forum;
But if you just want to talk then you'll find it in the general forum