Looking for stories similar to Overlord/Forgotten Conqueror/ELLC/Death Mage

Ok, so I’ll start with some LNs/WNs/RRL that I really liked so far, and some that I haven’t. I’m ok with reading LNs/WNs/RRLs.

Death Mage Doesnt Want a 4th Time (Specifically, the fact that not only the MC but ALSO his subordinates stand at the top of the worlds ranking is what I like. An OP MC is good, an OP Nation created by the OP MC is better)
Overlord (same reason as above. Dropped around volume 10 when it became clear the MC was never going to progress from being brain damaged. Wasted potential of a book series)
- Something Strongest Guildmaster made a nation in a week (Even though this was a blatant clone of Overlord I actually liked it)
- Forgotten Conqueror (again, op MC and even more powerful subordinates, those spirit lords are dope)
- Everyone Loves Large Chest (this is a masterpiece except for the ending when the author clearly got tired of writing it)
- Anything written by Andur on RRL, anything. 
- Demon Lord by some Korean author (Currently reading, and this is ok. I’m a sucker for LitRPGs)
- Reincarnated as a slime (the MC is a little too asexual for me, but everything else kinda checks out. Becoming a god is a BIG plus)
Re:Monster (it definitely checks all my boxes, but the writing or translation isn’t that great. Dropped it after a particularly butchered chapter, may end up reading this since the story is what I’m looking for)
Mushoku Tensei (this doesn’t really check, well, any of my boxes, but I still like it. Mainly because 3 wives? MC being weaker than those sword god people is a shame)

Didn’t like
- Vampire Princess (it’s a shame because this was setup to be a home run for me, but then we realized the MC has a horrendous personality, is hypocritical, and has no goal whatsoever. 
- Arcane Emperor (this was just poorly written and the characters were bland)
- Elf Tensei something (The one about the sage reincarnating 31 times. Either the writing or the translating, I don’t know which, makes this unreadable. The way they talk is also annoying)
- Legend of Randidly Ghosthound (the plot jumps around every single chapter, major developments are forgotten about, characters suddenly change personalities on a whim. I feel like the autho LFR never planned this out and just writes each chapter on the fly. Too many inconsistencies, thus unreadable)

- Polymath Redux (this is on my read list, but regardless of how good it is there’s only like 30 chapters or something. The good ones always die young)

Main points of my tastes:
- I detest wimpy/virgin MCs who have issues with killing people. If I think that MC is going to be surrounded by chicks and NOT sleeping with any of them, I’ll drop it. It’s unhealthy for a character in the prime of their youth to decide Voluntary celibacy is the way to go, something wrong in their head. I also think there’s something inherently wrong with people in a sword/sorcery world who refuse to kill people
- OP MC with OP subordinates if possible
- Magic is a must
- nothing Wuxia, I can’t stand the word “cultivation” or martial arts in any way. Also CN kingdom building just turns into “and this is why Mao was great, don’t you see?!” Divorced from reality. 
- if possible, nation/kingdom building is a huge plus
- must have more than 50 chapters

I’ve read a bunch more that I didn’t like on the translated LN side, I’ll add them as I think of them.

Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks!

Re: Looking for stories similar to Overlord/Forgotten Conqueror/ELLC/Death Mage

You may like this: Valkyrie's shadow. It's Overlord fanfiction and doesn't adhere all that strictly to your exact requirements (mainly due to the main focus character not being ultra powerful, although she is hypercompetent), but it's pretty good. Mostly it follows one particular noble of Re-estize coping with all the changes brought by Nazarick and learning to use undead on her own fief, controlling her land, , growing personally stronger and so on. The story goes into a lot of detail about social, economic factors and consequences, and in my opinion does a decent job of it (although if you're not into that it may be a slog). A good 'kingdom builder' kind of story. Also, the main character of the original novel is a lot smarter in it, which you may enjoy.

If you missed Blue Core, that also veers very close to what you want, despite the main character not being human. It builds its own kingdom, has many powerful subordinates, and is basically on the level of a god. Same with Tree of Aeons