Re: What brings meaning to your life?

Hanging out with friends, relatives and pets. Celebrating great life-events of my brothers and sisters: my sister is going to give birth to twins in a week or so, and the other one just landed her first real job after college, I'm so happy for them! Fills my soul with joy. Then there's volunteering to hold workshops for kids. Working on our home (renovating, fixing stuff). Tending the garden. I guess work should be mentioned too, but that's not that fulfilling, more in the sense of "hell yeah, I'm earning money B) and being useful to my coworkers! Nice!". I'm not sure if I should mention reading, that doesn't carry that much "meaning" to my life, it's just a fun way to pass the time, and can feel catharsic when I'm done with a great story! And I don't wanna mention college, that's just a side-quest of "invest X effort and Y time, and we'll give you a diploma!". Cool place to meet new people, at least.

This should be it, more or less.

Re: What brings meaning to your life?

In a materialistic sense - I strive for ultimate functionality. This often means keeping my systems up-to-date. I have a writing pc and a separate pc for coding and design. I have a tablet for reading, though I seem to do more reading of physical books than I do eBooks. Also books. Lots of books. Specifically on art. Right now I'm on a philosophy binge... Hoping to get through Plato and Nietzsche before March. Then more books! With maps! I guess we call that an atlas but those aren't the maps I'm into.

Back to setting up the perfect functional space to help me focus my intent, reduce time (particularly in food prep), and increase comfort. So good chair. Solid desk. Pens, note books, bullet journals. Maybe a white board with erasable pens and so on. 

Beyond that, the reason to chase profits for me is all about having the time and energy to work on creative pursuits. If I can pay down the mortgage with my income through book sales, patrons, and other side gigs, I'd like to think I'm doing okay.