Hi I'm new! Kidding. I'm back!

Hey everyone! peohello 

I can't believe it's been roughly six months since I've been on RR. My life had some complications and I had to disappear incredibly suddenly. (My story is on Hiatus too. RIP. That looks bad.) Now that' I'm back on my feet though, I want to return to writing since I've never stopped thinking about it while I was gone. And I want to catch up with the books that I haven't been able to read. It's crazy to think that so much time has passed when for me it's felt like only a few weeks ago that I was bugging everyone here haha. Well in short, I'm back! I hope the wonderful people I had met a few months back are still active and thriving. I'm currently sick, but I'll bounce back in the next few days....I hope. 
And thanks to Lexa whose email made me look at my calendar realize how long I'd been MIA for hahaha peodead

Re: Hi I'm new! Kidding. I'm back!


ArDeeBurger Wrote: Welcome Home. We have missed you.

It's good to be back honestly. Can't wait to get back into things DrakanBook 

parkertallan Wrote: Welcome back to Royal Road. Glad to see life settled down enough to allow your return. Good luck getting back into the swing of things and I hope you feel better.

Thanks I'm pretty glad things settled down too haha. I feel groggy because of the cold meds, but other than that I'll hopefully bounce back in a few days.