Magic based on the aura and its colors.

Please help to find this novel:🥺🥺🥺:
-The story is set in a world where people are able to expel an aura of some color, based on the colors of the aura (or glowing, I don't remember what it's called), the more pure be the color of the aura, the better. for example: if the aura has two colors it is worse than a solid one.
The following could be Spoilers:


-I think it begins with the protagonist (male) taking his sister to a fair or something similar, there he enters a stall with a tarot (It seems to travel with him to this parallel world) machine or something similar And so he ends up being teleported to this parallel world with magic and where everything seems wrong, his best friend bullies him, his sister hates him etc.

-In the story the protagonist take an exam to determine the purity, color and intensity of his Aura, I think it turns out to be a mostly orange aura, with gray or silver rings, barely managing to qualify to go to a magical academy and save himself to work in the factories of "mana" (or "orbs" i don't remember).

-At some point before or after the exam he receives a ring (or necklace) from one of his parents, who in the end turns out to have an entity (Only a part of him, apparently it was sealed in a battle.)
 attached to the rin(It turns out to be evil, he wants his body to release him and use as a container ).I think the colors have something to do with the kind of magic they can use?

-I think orange (or a similar color) represents fire and rings space magic or something like that (it seems to be something powerful but dangerous).

-The protagonist is offered the payment of the academy by a classmate who bullies him.

-I think that at some point teams are formed for tests, in one of them the protagonist ends up in a dark room and a rune of light (or at least shines light) is engraved on his hand and the test passes.

-On his first day at the academy his roommate throws a shoe at him when he opens the door. (I'm sure that happens)

-The classmate who pays him for college and bullies turns out to be a genius at magic.

-In the magic academy the magicians must choose two (may be more) subjects and the protagonist chose a class on "combat spellcraft " (may not be the name) (seems to have high difficulty in mental calculation, things like taking a formula and based on the conditions of the place such as the ambient mana and modifying certain parameters ) and runes (seals or something similar).

-Appearing has something that attracts certain entities (Monsters)

-In one of the tests of the academy academy they enter a maze (apparently they did not travel with their bodies)