Re: Where Do You Enjoy Thinking and Writing?

That's my secret Cap, I'm always daydreaming.

The blessing and curse of being a dyslexic.

In all seriousness anywhere that I become still too long is a perfect place to think.

I usually do all my writing on my desktop, so I'm not very mobile. I have written on my phone. It reminds me of the days I would write my stories in spiral notebooks, but it's not something I want to continue doing. Keyboard on my phone is too small.

Re: Where Do You Enjoy Thinking and Writing?

Wow, everyone has such inspiring answers. Mine is, er...

I pace around my apartment and mull over details. When plotting, I'll do this for days at a time, usually from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep, if I can.

eric_river Wrote: i haven't written on a train, but i'd like to try it

I don't recommend it. Too uncomfortable, too many people. It's easy to get distracted.

Re: Where Do You Enjoy Thinking and Writing?

My best writing ideas is when I take long walks.  Like first thirty minutes of walking, I may be all over the place and can't really concentrate on anything in particular. But like 30-40 minutes of walking at medium pace,  somehow it starts to come very easy for me.  I sort of get transported in it.  I can go like that for an hour, just walking slowly.  And when I get too many ideas and am afraid I may even forget about them, I stop to put my ideas down on my phone.  I bet I look very weird, but I don't care.  Some people walk their dogs, I walk my brains.

Re: Where Do You Enjoy Thinking and Writing?


eric_river Wrote: i get lots of thinking done while walking or hiking
Same for me! I really enjoy taking a walk and figuring out where to take the story next and how to fix potential plot holes and such.

PistolShrimp Wrote: I pace around my apartment and mull over details.
Also this! I really like talking myself through my ideas, and it helps to set up a table where I can have paper or flashcards to jot stuff down. I sometimes just walk around figuring out my story until I have something worth writing down.

Re: Where Do You Enjoy Thinking and Writing?

Thinking - depends. I'm a problem solver, so when i hit a story road block where I can't force the words, I have to stop to think about the problem. The thinking takes time - days/months because it's a subconscious process. I do have to pay attention to the stuff I say about the 'problem'. example, a recent project I'm working on, I hated the first chapter. I finished it, sent it off to my publisher, but absolutely hated it to the point where I couldn't do chapter 2. Lucky for me it was a weekend, so I had a lot of other activities to do where I could think consciously and subconsciously process the problem. I hated the chapter but why?
I was instructed to have dialogue - which I had none. So could I add some? Where? 
Subconsciously, I decided to change POV characters. I don't have enough time to really build up a repour for all of the characters I have in the first chapter and within 1,000 word limit. So focusing on one, for the immediate chapter, while giving the MC time to breath and grow into his role through the eyes of a character I'm very likely to murder by the end of chapter 4.
I found I struggle to focus on thinking about the writing - I have to let it sort itself out a lot of the time. But knowing when to step away and work on something else and when to come back to it, is very important.
When I try to do my active thinking is during a bath, as I try to get comfy for sleep and walks. Walks often turns into a session of all of the social things I don't understand or managing my finances in my head. I avoid listening to podcasts/audio books during this time because the subconscious NEEDS to work, even if I'm talking finances and planning a move overseas with myself. Walking was something I used to do to manage anxiety.
To get inspiration accidentally - that's as I'm getting comfy for bed or if I hit a nice sound track. 
To get inspiration intentionally - I rush my drafts, and have recently started burst writing just to clear the blank page paralysis - I'm a better re-writer than I am a writer.