A bit of an Update

Getting a large increase and a large decrease pretty much every other day. One day a lot, next day half, the other day double the previous one, etc. Though, what is bugging me, is the gain a follower, lose a follower, gain a follower, lose a follower.

They are keeping the total amount at 69!  Drakanflip

Well, that is Val’s dilemma in a nutshell. If anyone would like to break the cycle, be my guest.  DrakanLaugh

Or ya know, can leave me to suffer, that is understandable as well.  DrakanFascinating

So, what is everyone up to?  DrakanPopcorn

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M.J. Wrote: lol, Too true.
On the other hand, this whole volume thing has a benefit. Aside from the usual splits I make, I also have an update section. Figured I might as well take advantage of it without clogging up the story, so I gave this its own section. In all honesty, much more effective than the bio.  DrakanZip

Got a ton of stuff to come, so the update section is like extra promotion. If there is one thing though, I wish the volume categories automatically organizes it. I have to go in manually and reorder, so this system definitely needs a tweak or two, but it has potential. 

Re: A bit of an Update


Edge Wrote:
MalevolenceMau Wrote: I know the feeling, my followers and favourites have been fluctuating in a range of 5 for weeks now. Just go up  Drakanflip
Just do what I did, threaten the life of an iguana. It suddenly stopped, and went up. 🥳
I shall threaten to infiltrate your story and kill an iguana, get those cross-promotion viewers.

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JMMatheis Wrote:
Hahahaha!!! At least they were respecting your follower count by trying to keep it on an auspicious number!
It was only respected for half a day, then two up, and it stopped at 71... My next goal it to see 88, just need several more...
Congrats on the progress!!!
Yep, sadly that is the total count. Heaven knows when the book itself reaches 69, we are gonna have problems.  DrakanFascinating

I don’t really have a follower goal though, just a person that likes to write. I hope you the best on your path.  DrakanWine

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JMMatheis Wrote: Thanks! That is my main thing too, just love writing. Follower goal is to see the next number combination for the moment! (though it is always great seeing that more people are reading) 
Yes, yes it is. I am in an awkward position, attracting between 800 to 1000+ views. Yet the follower rate is insanely low, however, the polls indicate retention. As well as the view counts going up per part. Figured at least a bit more would follow, eh, it ain’t an issue though. They are entertained, and that is all that matters.  DrakanPopcorn