Re: Who would play your characters in a live-action adaptation?

This is as hypothetical as it comes. Because I can't imagine a world, even an imaginary one, where a western media will purposely pick my book/series.

And if they want to blow a budget, Netflix can produce it, but they have to hand it over to an Asian animation studio and they can direct it and write it as well. At least in that case, I'll have a semi-better chance of having them stick to the actual plot and keep the main character as intended. So no live-action.

I've been a fan of animation for a long time because it's versatile. You can do a lot with it. Characters can be so much more expressive. You can have a lot of visual symbolism and light-hearted things that can happen. I mean, for every moment Soletus has a snarky thought in his head, I would like for them to visualize that in some way. Especially funny when what he thinks ends up being what he says, and he puts his foot in his mouth.

Then in later stories where Kiao has that happy cherry girl version inside or her squealing happily or in horror, they can have her in the real world being the poised priestess as always.

The Oeric story can be full of a lot of visual symbolism, with the shadow of his older brother looming over him. He's a broody character at time. Such fun they can have.

Also, I want something very colorful when it's bright and contrast when things get serious. I think the use of color would be very important. And I want that anime intro with a lot of images that are related but unrelated to the story being told. The song would be something very calm and warm.

As for voice actors, all voice actors. No cast made entirely of Hollywood actors doing the voices. Matt Mercer can do Soletus. From there, Laura Baily needs to do a character. She'll probably be Cordea. Cam Clarke can do Mien. Jim Cummings is legally obligated to do Brother Hickory. As for Oeric, Peter Capaldi because I like him.. I'm not sure who I want to voice Kiao. She's going to take a specialized voice of someone who could be mistaken as both a young man or a young woman. Androgynous, if you will. Sam Regal can do Lyndon. (Apparently I'm going down the list of Critical Role voice actors) Travis Willingham and Marisha Ray are somewhere in this. I just don't know where yet.

I've given this way too much thought, so I'm just going to stop here.

Re: Who would play your characters in a live-action adaptation?

My character is a dwarf, so I'd much rather see her in CGI than played by an actor. I imagine her as somewhat alien in appearance, not just a short woman. As to who should voice her, someone with a relatively low voice and some nice exotic accent. Hmmm... any suggestions? :P
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