Polls. Can you have more than 1 in the same story?

Hallo! I'm writing a webnovel and I want to submit it here, but I definitely need polls for it to work, and sometimes more than 1 poll in a chapter. I've never made a poll, so I have 2 more questions which I'd appreciate if you'd answer.

1) Can I decide where I want to put the poll? Beginning or end of chapter? Or possible inside the chapter?

2) How many kinds of polls are there? As in, can I make a poll where you can only choose one option, and another in which you can choose multiple, or one in which you can choose in order, as in first B, then D, then A?

3)Can I close a poll but still have the results there for people to see?

4) How exactly do I make a poll? lol, sorry, I've never written here before.