Looking for Some Help and Feedback

Hi Community Peeps!

I have been reviewing my fiction, and several things pop out at me that I wanted to seek feedback and help on. Instead of making like, more than one or two posts, I am just putting them all together in one. Hope that's ok!

With that being said ... let me begin:

1. My fiction description. Hey, I'm a poet and didn't know it. I have re-written my fiction description a  few times, but I feel that it is lackluster. I am not the great and being decisive with describing things in short paragraphs. My chapters are 5k words and up for goodness sake.

If someone would be willing to give me a solid bit of feedback, or even a re-write, that would be amazing.

2. Fiction Cover Art. I had a friend make this for me. I felt that it was a solid visual representation of Reeve, but I feel like it is a very very simple cover. Any feedback would be welcome!

Anyways, those are the two major things. I included a link in my signature.

Appreciate everyone's help!

Best Regards,

That Ratty Fellow