This one’s for the heroes!

I know there are already congratulatory posts about Writathon here, but I wanted to make my own, okayyyy??

This one goes out to the warriors we’ve lost along the way, to us who made the mark, the maniac who posted over 70k and my new personal hero — the one who finished last with exactly 25 000 words. You sir ARE AWESOME.

Cheers DrakanWine

Re: This one’s for the heroes!


Pakko Wrote: Congrats on making it. I’m just worried about writing the rest. I burned through what little backlog i had at the beginning so now I’m finishing the chapters the day before they post.

Oh, I know the dread. I feel like I've exerted my creative juices to the max.

mer_curry Wrote: Let's give huge ups to Wing for pushing through and managing to make the list in the first place.

and not at penance for making a terrible joke-

Yeah, true. Holy shit there were over 500 participants to go through.