~500,000 words this year!~

I've been writing for a long time, and my average wordcount per year was pretty settled at somewhere in the 300-350k range, but... when I just added up my wordcount totals I found that somehow, this year, I've blown that number so far out of the water I have no idea what to think!

Granted, not all of those 500,000 words ended up posted. The Bloodshard finale alone probably accounts for 20-30k of false starts and rejected versions of the ending. But still. To do almost 150% of my usual wordcount is a huge, huge improvement.

But one thing I do know... I'd not have come this far without the awesome and supportive community writing, reading, lurking, commenting, and critiquing here on RoyalRoad.

So, thank you! Thank you to everyone who's read my stories, to everyone who's helped cheer me on when I'm discouraged or answer questions when I'm confused. To my eleven wonderful patrons, silently supporting my writing dream month after month.
One year ago today, I posted chapter 11 of my then-current writeathon project, Bloodshard: Stolen Magic. I had just finished Trickster's Luck book 1, book two had yet to begin. ReIgnite was barely a concept, and Zu Mari didn't exist at all.

Today, I've just posted chapter 42 of Zu Mari, my now-current writeathon project, I'm about two chapters away from finishing book 1 of ReIgnite, 38 chapters in to Trickster's Chance, the sequel to TL, and Bloodshard is a complete finished story. Then there's my two-day challenge novella, Chaos Vines Online, and a handful of oneshot short stories.

And then I look back further still, to when I first started writing, and even 35k a year was beyond my reach...

It's been a long, long road, but it feels so good to be moving forward again. I'd really started to think 350k was my stable limit, that I'd be stuck at the same pace forever. 2021 has showed me that more is possible, even with everything else going on.

It's a great feeling. peoeyesparkle

And to anyone out there who's still at the beginning of your path, or who feels stagnant or in a rut... my constant advice is to keep going.
It's always going to be hard before it's easy. No matter how fast or how slow you write, so long as you keep going, you can keep improving. Whether in speed, or in quality, or in suited-to-the-audience, there's always at least one metric you can progress in. For many years, my wordcount remained stable, but I improved my prose and sentence structure significantly during that time. Now my prose quality is stable, and I'm increasing in wordcount and learning a bit how to write what people want to read.

No practice is wasted, whether it's 10 words or 10,000.

Fight through the slogs, trudge through the weeks or months where it feels like every word is a part of your soul being forcibly extracted through your keyboard. You'll be a better writer on the other side.

Again, thank you all! I could never have come this far on my own.