Looking for cover art

I am looking for cover art for my new book. I am planning to pay by reviewing your book on Royal Road, giving you a shout out, making comments on your chapters as you write them, and pitching your webnovel on Reddit, and whatever of a similar ilk we agree on. Cash is not totally impossible.

I have one scene in particular I think might make a good cover. The protagonist is dueling another man with a longsword, although they are in an enclosure in a modern basement. The protagonist has already fought for his life today, and dove to the sidewalk in the process, so his clothing is not in great condition although he wasn't seriously injured. He's tough and a good fighter, but doesn't have body builder style muscles. He's dressed in a shirt and slacks.

There's a beautiful woman watching, at this point she hates the protagonist and wants to see him die, since she's cheering on the other guy any expressions on her face that feel right to you will work.

If you have a good idea which is not exactly as I've described we'll talk it over. I'm not absolutely set on this cover. Before you put in a lot of time on anything you should tell me what you have in mind - and what exactly you'd like me to do in exchange. I'm flexible. Links to your previous work would be great as well.

The quotes I've cut and pasted are not all from this scene, but they all describe how the characters and setting look at this time and place. The guy in the muscle shirt is the antagonist. He does work out. Both duelists are being aided and influenced to some extent by energy beings from the Green Alliance, so a slight green energy or haze around each of them might work as well.


A beautiful woman in a blue dress answered the door. Her dress was almost an evening gown, showing off her cleavage to best advantage. She did an excellent job of filling it. When she inhaled it almost seemed like things might get out of control, but her nipples stayed hidden.

Her beauty was only marred by the expression of distaste that crossed her face when she saw Joey.


He studied Malachite’s human. He had big muscles, as if he worked out at the gym. He wore a tank top, as if to show those muscles off. There was something unpleasant about his blue eyes. He would be a formidable opponent. Probably he would choose a weapon to take advantage of those muscles. Joey had done a good deal of fighting, but was not a bodybuilder. He was not eager to wager his life on a duel of unknown terms.


The man smiled broadly, though there was something nasty and twisted about the expression, and he had a squint in his left eye. “We’ll duel with longswords and no armor.”


The basement of the mansion was large and well lit, concrete columns set at intervals to hold the ceiling up. A good sized area was fenced off, with gates on opposing sides. The fencing could be climbed or vaulted – unless someone was trying to kill you while you did so. It would effectively prevent retreat from an uncrippled opponent.