Curious About Fictions and non-Fictions

Hey All!

I'm kicking around some ideas for a new passion project in writing, and I'm wondering if anyone on Royal Road has posted nonfiction works? Or if these are even allowed?

I did a quick one over on the rules but to be honest I didn't see anything about posting on fictions. So this is more of a curiosity question, rather than a practical one. I don't have any plans I'm posting a nonfiction, purely curious. :-)

Re: Curious About Fictions and non-Fictions

I think they used to have a tag/category for it, but since it was hardly utilized, they did away with it.

I never considered posting non-fictions topics here or really any other platform. When I was on deviantart, I wrote a guide or two for writing because they had an entire category for guides and such. And that was it. I wouldn't want to write personal crap. Poetry or prose and neither do I want to read it. Personal stuff, to be honest fits a blog. I wouldn't mind writing an essay on a topic of some kind, but this isn't the place for that. I doubt anyone would read me ramble about how the 2008 recession has affected today's media.