Re: What do you do when your story isn't what Royal Road usually likes?


Jayrayme6 Wrote: You're having way more success than me... The first draft of the story that I posted had glaring issues that I somewhat fixed, but it's nowhere near to an amazing level. it kinda makes me happy to see your non-typical royal road genre series take off so hard. That means there is hope for guys like me with unconventional stories. The only problem is that nobody beside Arara has given me really constructive feedback. 

My story is mainly aimed at teens 11-16 years old and I'll adapt it soon to this market with some minor changes. It's youth litterature so there's no gore, no sex, not a lot of curses words.

 It won't be so much of a tragedy anymore too. 

If you have nothing to read and want to read something Original but perhaps not so well executed, you can check it out. The worldbuilding center mainly on the conflict between the vegetarians treemen and the carnivorous treemen.

Ok, not only do I think your story sounds awesome, you're writing it in English and French at the same time. That's amazing!! I'll definitely give if a read! :)

Unconventional stories are the best, and I wish you all the luck!

Re: What do you do when your story isn't what Royal Road usually likes?


I personally don't care if my story is great. I mean sure, it's motivating to see the views go up, but my story is more of a hobby. One of the only reasons I posted here was to get feedback so I could write better.

What i'm trying to say is keep your story a passion, if you try to make it your job you'll soon hate writing. People say that if you love your job you'll never work a day in your life but that isn't true, you'll slowly come to hate your job after some time so keep writing a passion project.

well....this just turned into a ramble. DrakanSigh