Linux, mac os or windows, what do you run?

Considering the recent push of linux in the consumer tech sphere (thanks ltt) I was wondering if the ratio of windows users to linux users deviates from the norm here. If you’re a mac user, you could show that too, I guess.  peojudging

Edit: While I think the chance of someone running a bsd based system here is probably less than 1/100 000 I’ll mention it for the potential one or two who are unlikely to ever see this post in the first place. Your existence is an oddity and I appreciate that.

Re: Linux, mac os or windows, what do you run?

Small sample size, but the distribution seems to be as expected. I can agree with the general sentiment for linux, it is definitely more for specific use cases and can’t really hold its own against windows for the average user and their needs.

Ralen Wrote: I use windows, but objectively speaking Linux is way better. MacOS is just garbage.

I’ve used all three and I can say that none of them top the others in all categories.

To say that any of them are objectively better than the others without specifying the category is plain wrong.
Windows has compatibility going for it, linux has server stability and certain job specific use cases (pen testing, etc), and mac os is for those who like apple products.

Re: Linux, mac os or windows, what do you run?


Verlin Wrote: Windows. Didn't know there were other options before I opened this thread. What's Linux exactly?

Linux is an open source project using the gpl2 license meaning that anyone can use it and modify it and even publish those modifications as long as everything remains open source.

Linux has been a niche operating system mainly used for job specific tasks such as creating stable servers (all large servers in the world use linux) or system penetration testing.

Because of the gpl2 licence linux has had many offshoots all with their own ways in which they do things, in some cases these offshoots became so popular that people made offshoots from the offshoots. All these different offshoots as I have been calling them fall under the name ‘linux distributions’ or distros.

Some of these distros have in recent years tried to make the user experience more pleasant for the average consumer and if you’re someone who uses their pc mostly to open emails, write documents and look at videos then linux is good alternative when compared to windows or mac os.

It is not without fault though, because linux distros are maintained by a dedicated but small userbase it still has its problems now and then. Additionally because most software is made for windows you will need to find alternatives, luckily these are not hard to come by. There are also projects that allow one to use windows programs in linux, but they can be a bit clunky at times.

As a final note, linux is free. You don’t have to pay a license to use it and unlike with windows it does not typically come with telemetry (data collection) integrated into the system.

There’s also BSD which you’ll find mostly in high-end router as their operating system, just like linux it’s open source, but it’s a lot less popular and much harder to get into than linux.