Re: I want a book. Possibly yours.

Dark fantasy is literally my genre. My series, Key to the Void, can be best described as a slice-of-life in Hell.

I write while heavily referencing all kinds of mythological lore, primarily Babylonian, Chinese, Judaism, Hindu, and Egyptian (basically, all of the absolute oldest religions in the world.)

Got all the fantasy races in their most original lore I could find. Elves kidnap children to keep them as human pets like an ant would keep an aphid, composite creatures go by their specific names, and this includes the races that tend to be collectively called "beast men" these days. (dog-men are called aldet, goat-men are called saters, ect.) And gnomes are a world superpower due to their domineering earth magic.

Re: I want a book. Possibly yours.

I definitely would appreciate some more readers! I wanted to write a superhero story but I love the LITRPG genre. Fantasy? Check. Action? Check. Adventure? Check. All things I like reading in stories, only this time I wrote it. As for dark fantasy, I will not be shying away from blood, gore, and the like as similar superpower-themed novels might. 

The result was Gameplay, also my username.

I'll give you the blurb:

In many ways, this is a story of growth. A young man, living near a PAT known for just that, beginning truly at the start. They say the moment a super originates is their true birth. The genesis of an individual shedding the chains of humanity and ascending into something greater. Whether good or bad, it was nearly a given that any super was destined for something great. That grand story, however, did not always start as miracle.

For Ludus Rowth, it began with electrical baptism.

Re: I want a book. Possibly yours.

Mbe you'd like my Trials of the Lion, a growing collection of hard-bitten adventure tales following Ulrem the Slayer as he wanders seeking to cut his name into the bedrock of the world. Each arc is self-contained, so if one doesn't appeal you can dip out and start the next, though they do paint an interwoven picture of a greater whole.

I've got deadly sword play, brutally dangerous magic, demonic monsters, old rivalries, wandering swordsman, and even some bloody piracy.

Check it out!