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BadWoLf-L Wrote: I’m fairly new to Royal Road and haven’t read anything here yet. I do love reading, though. If anyone has something they would love for me to read, let me know. I have a preference for dark fantasy, but I’ll read almost anything.
Well, you can try my Parallel Hearts series. First book is complete, second one is under reconstruction, but technically complete as well. This series is a combination of High, Epic, Dark Fantasy. The final book is not on R.R, mainly because I am rewriting, and rather just push it out when I get to it again. Queen of Monsters is the same genres, but a much shorter book if that is your thing. The only difference is that Queen of Monsters is a GameLit, Parallel Hearts is more of a natural story to say.

Note, these are not casual reads. 

Re: I want a book. Possibly yours.

Nogt sure if superhero fiction is your thing, but I guess you could try my story. It's called Gadgeteer (link to the story is on my signature), and it's a character-focused Action Superhero story, centered on one unlucky Shindo East. The story focuses on Shindo's rise as a superhero in an environment he is both familiar with and new to. 

However, if you want dark fantasy, let me point you to Path of Salt. It's not mine, but I found it to be a very interesting story, with a bit of a Dark Soul ambience and theme. 

Re: I want a book. Possibly yours.

I will (shamefully) advertise my books, TOMEBOUND (serious darker medieval-style war fantasy) and The Psysword Chronicles. The latter is my entry in RR's Writathon. It's not as thematically dark, but it does involve demons from the Underworld invading and threatening to take over the world if that counts?

Either way, hope no one takes offense to my own plug  DrakanLaugh and hope you find what you're looking for here!

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Might as well throw Touch O' Luck in here FancyDrakan 
Touch O' Luck is the first volume in the Old Realms series;
it's a very gritty medieval/Ancient Rome Historical Fantasy, wit heavy doses of Grimdark, other times humorous,
with war, political elements and adventure, sharing the spotlight equally.
It is completed at 86k words, and its sequel Lure O' War is ongoing now, already over 25k  words.

Re: I want a book. Possibly yours.

First I will start with a recommendation: Epilogue  Very well written story. I tore through it in one sitting an in my opinion is the best story I've read on Royal Road so far (Disclaimer: I haven't read a ton of stuff yet on RR and I often don't get too far in the longer stories because I am writing my own stuff).

Second, my own stories may or may not interest you. My stories are linked in my signature.

I am very close to finished with Dishonor. It is not a fantasy story, but I've had a number of people tell me it reads like a fantasy. 

Life Without Memory is on hiatus till December while I finish Dishonor, but I do plan to finish it next. It is a dark psychological sci-fan story.

Re: I want a book. Possibly yours.

The Cursed Heart is a magical school political intrigue/mystery story. It's fantasy, but not dark fantasy (more standard YA, although there's death, danger, depression, and a lot of PTSD in it). A teenager accused of trying to kill someone with magic is forced by circumstance to attend a magic school full of powerful people with complicated political connections, and needs to prevent a murder while also figuring out how to avoid prison for his own crimes.

Re: I want a book. Possibly yours.

Don't know if this up your alley, but it would be dope if you checked out my work. If you do, hopefully, you enjoy it.

Source Proxy: Act 1 - The Holy Lands of the old and future kings


Proxy is a battle-loving, but well-meaning delinquent. In contrast, his best friend Richard is studious and opposed to violence.

One night, while attending a concert together, chaos erupts. In the middle of the performance, the black Grimoire in their possession rips open a portal to another world and drags them inside.

Stranded in a foreign place, they must adapt to survive. Powerful foes lurk around every corner and only together can they persevere. On the planet called Holy Lands, their fate hangs in the balance.