Re: How long do your fight scenes last?

I usually try to contain my fights within one chapter. Depending on the fight, or the importance to the plot, it could be as short as a couple hundred words, to as long as 3,000+ words if it's a major climactic fight.

I think anything past 5,000 or so would need to be broken up into different stages. Like maybe the fight starts, characters regroup, and the fight resumes elsewhere or under different circumstances. Otherwise I think reader fatigue would set in. Fights shouldn't be so short that it feels anticlimactic, but they also shouldn't be so long that readers get bored.

Re: How long do your fight scenes last?

How big is the fight to the development of your story and characters? If it's an easy fight that won't affect the plot or lead to interesting character revelations, don't even write it - just tell the reader that it happened and skip to the aftermath, if any. 

If it's the fight where your MC finally masters the technique that eluded her all of last book, or an important character sacrifices themselves, feel free to go on and on. 

The bigger the impact on your story, the more words it's appropriate to devote to it. 

Re: How long do your fight scenes last?

It depends on the tension. If I used 10k words for building the tension, then I may use 1k+ words for the fight scene. 

However, I usually try to make the fight scenes short. Sometimes I do make longer fight scenes than the tension it had, but I do that for specific reasons such as to "show" the strengths and weaknesses of a certain characters fighting style. I do that so that I can use it for future reference. This is just a part to bolster  the future scenario that I am already plotting ahead. 

Re: How long do your fight scenes last?

I write a lot of battle scenes. Combined arms and the like. They can last 3-5 chapters, easy.

One on one fights are fairly short. Boxing matches and MMA fights aren't really the kind of stuff you want to include.

A lot of the length of the fight depends on the skill levels too.

Guns, knives, grenades, air strikes, all shorten the fight scenes for one on one.

It really depends on the situation, the characters, the skill levels, the terrain.

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Gryphon10 Wrote: I'm just asking cause I'm wondering if my fights are a bit too short. Usually my fights will last anywhere from 1000 to 1500 words and can be summarized into just a few sentences. The longest fight I've written was one that lasted 2 chapters, but it was just four fights happening at the same time, each fight lasting a thousand words and two per chapter. I just want to know if I'm making them too short to stick out or anything.
Mine are pretty short too. I don't care for long fight scenes unless that fight has been anticipated for a long time. And even then, if it's a blow by blow style fight, it's boring. You have to get into the headspace of the characters or the surrounding characters and how they're reacting to this fight. Or, if you have a million POV characters and you keep switching up between them in a big battle or something.

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Total Chapter length is 26k words.

Two fight scenes present, differing phases. Length as a whole takes up about 19.6k words. This is one of the longest ones in my series, there is about one chapter in each book that is about as long as this one. Scenes starts off on the smaller end, then stabilizes somewhere between the 5k to 10k range, depending of course. A bit more or bit less, though this is the rough amount. My chapters itself starts out smaller, stabilizes at about 10k to 15k in range, but some exceed to 20k words. Naturally the fight scenes are a bit shorter for those 10k to 15k length ones, and a bit longer chapters that goes over that range. Only in few instances, would a really long chapter have a bit less in battle scenes, so it depends really.

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Late reply, since I was off for field camp, but personally, I like to go short for fights. Writing short helps in framing the ability and decision making of a character, while also showing off how much thought you put in into the powers your character is using. For example, in Descent, the very first "fight" scene lasted less than a hundred words, and it was worded to show the ability of the character and why they did what they did.

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Well let me thing back to the day where I wrote real fight scenes. 

Well, some of my longest fights lasted probably around 2 or 3 chapters. Perhaps my longest one ever (A single fight) was somewhere around 6-9 thousand words. If we're talking about a series of fights then it could be longer such as a war arc, but my longest fight against a single enemy is probably somewhere around there. 

Even so, for a normal big fight I would say it would be somewhere around 3k words. Even so, that is more for a big fight that I plan out quite a bit. As for smaller fights, maybe 1000-1500 words. 

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I usually keep them to 1k words, short fights scenes are usually better. Fight scenes usually polarize people, some people really love them and some people hate them and rather skip them. Fight scenes need to make the story progress forward and they must be high staked as well as well described (sounds, taste, smells,) the author needs to intice our five senses in a fight scenes.