Re: Terrifying Monsters

Things like... Well, the Thing. Just alien aliens, no idea what it is--where it came from, and even trying to survive just unravels how insane and unknown it is.

Presses all of my buttons. Ghosts, zombies--I KNOW those and even if there's some new spin, there's familiarity. I'm not scared basically. 

Anything weird, yeah, fuck that.

Re: Terrifying Monsters


eric_river Wrote:
the monsters that have always been the scariest to me
are the ones whose presence you can feel but cannot see
creeping somewhere out of sight, but definitely there
finding evidence of them is what gives me a scare
Uh... What... They said...

Yeah, I've always been more creeped out by the ones you don't entirely see. Like Slenderman or something. Just... Eugh.

That and spiders.

Re: Terrifying Monsters

Bears. Just. Bears are always my most terrifying creature because I have an illogical fear of them.

For mythological creatures flesh pedestrians and windyboys.  Something that mimics human voices to trick you into coming to it and animals walking upright just hits that spot in my lizard brain that says "NOPE". 

And that weird zombie creature from RE that crawls on the ceiling and drops onto you. Just. NOPE.

Any kind of possessed doll or demon children as well.

Re: Terrifying Monsters

That forest where everyone who goes there ends up as a rotting corpse hanging from a tree and everyone is like “it’s just a popular suicide spot” but I don’t think so, it’s the forest, and anyway how is that even better?  “It isn’t the forest, it’s the meme-complex.”  They say the forest was made by children carrying their unproductive aging parents into a remote place and leaving them to die of exposure or dehydration I suppose will get them first.  There’s a poem about it

In the depths of the mountains,
Whom was it for the aged mother snapped
One twig after another?
Heedless of herself
She did so
For the sake of her son

and maybe that’s the secret if you aren’t murdering someone who loves you so much that they mark the way out then you don’t get to go home.  I don’t understand though how people ignore the smell.  If you’re human that’s the “run away” smell.

Re: Terrifying Monsters

I always think the scariest monsters are the ones that are ambiguous or unknown. Like, the more I *know* about something, about what it is, the less scary it seems to me.

I guess a good example I could give would be the movie 'Sinister'. I actually thought the first half of that movie was very well done. If you're unfamiliar, the movie is about (I might be forgetting some details here) an author, who moves into a house with his family - a true crime author, I think, who wanted to write a book about some grisly murders that took place in the local area, the murder of an entire family except for one of their children, who was kidnapped. Anyway he discovers some mysterious films - really chilling films of multiple families being murdered over the years, with the killer always off-camera. By examining the films really closely, he discovers that in each of them there's this mysterious figure hidden *somewhere* in each of them - sometimes as a reflection in glass, or a pool of water, sometimes just a face hidden in some trees. The same strange, sinister-looking face each time. 

And I thought the first half of the movie played it really well. The author develops a theory that all these murders are the work of some serial killer. Only there's so much that makes no sense - if that sinister face is the killer, then in many of the films he's clearly not the one holding the camera. Who are his accomplices? And these murders stretch over *many* decades - how old is this person? Is it more than one serial killer - someone being a copycat, and adapting the methods of a killer after the previous one became too old? How is he doing all of this and leaving no trace behind? Is all of this *really* just a serial killer?

And then IMO the movie ruins it by revealing that it's definitely NOT just a serial killer - it's a spooky supernatural demon. By the end they're babbling on about how it's some ancient sumerian spirit or something and all the horror of the film had been ruined for me. I think the movie would have been much better if they left it ambiguous right up to the end if the killer was merely a human, or something more - maybe *never* giving you a solid answer.