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Well, this week is just a bit normal now. No week 13 or Halloween gimmick. 
Just plain old 15 weeks of this. 
And viewers of this thread... I see you. 👀👀👀 I think the last thread had like 300 views but only 15 replies. So maybe you'll come out from the shadows? And as a reminder- you don't have to have written the snippet. Maybe you read something that was cool enough to share? Come on in. (I give rep out!) 

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Here's the thread from last week to give you an idea of what people were posting then :  Sunday Snippet Sharing 31/10 | FRIGHTENING FOURTEEN🎃👻 | Royal Road 

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From Big Red Button 2
"You" are in a room with an espresso machine, and asked if you can make something.

Heck yeah you can do this! You love fiddling with fancy machines like this! Let’s do it!
You look over the machine, pulling levers and looking at all the cups. At first glance it’s complicated, sure, but with some logic and common sense you can easily figure it out.
You decide to make a latte.
First is the espresso itself. You put grounds from the bag into one of the cups and slide it into place. Then you put a cup under that, and push the on button. The machine starts gurgling, but you’re pretty sure it’s supposed to do that.
Next comes the milk. There are two milk things here; one has a little spring on the end, so you presume that’s the thing that makes the froth. You don’t need froth for a latte, so you fill up the mini stainless steel pitcher with milk and put it under the other milk thing. With the turn of a knob it starts steaming the milk.
Soon you have a cup of espresso and a mini pitcher of steamed milk.
You pour the milk artfully into the cup and create… something that in no way resembles a leaf. Or heart. Or whatever it was you were trying to draw.
You do have a latte though, and a fairly good one. Well done.

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LONGSTORYSHORT: From chapter 2 of Bite Mark.
Mark (the MC) and David are on patrol hunting vampuras (vampires) when police requested their assistance after coming across a couple (Nicky and Jerry) of vampuras having a domestic argument. 
The job should have been an easy fight-them-as-long-as-it-takes-to-stake-them but Mark made the mistake of asking what was going on. 
(Nasscies is the nickname for those who volunteer with the Neighbourhood Ancillary Stakers Corp.) 

This is just a silly moment which I feel matches the silly tone of the series- but don't be fooled. It is just as gory and violent as it (tries to be...) funny.

This chapter and the others all have content warnings for gore, traumatising content and profanity. 

Quote:“What’s going on here?” Mark asked. David shot him a stern, wide eyed look that told Mark he shouldn’t have asked that question. He’d be reminded later on that they were not there to counsel the vampuras, just put them down.

“Nicky, please, just listen to me,” Jerry pleaded, ignoring the Nasscies. Seemingly their argument was more important than the fact that two people had turned up hoping to eradicate them. “I just spoke to her a few times. There’s nothing going on between Marta and I. I just didn’t tell you because I knew you’d react like this.”

“Maybe you should predict the lottery with all this foresight you seem to have!” Nicky snapped back.

Mark felt like he was watching a game of tennis at Wimbledon, his head moving left to right to left again, every time Nicky and Jerry started saying something.

“Nicky, babe. Listen to me. Marta’s my vamp mama, ok? There’s a connection we have that you would no doubt have with anyone you sire.”

“She’s sired hundreds of d***s like you! Why does she have to keep talking to you!?”

“Because I want to talk to her. She’s important to me. I don’t have my real mum anymore after she disowned me like this and I killed her. So Marta just reminds me of what I’m missing out on. I wouldn’t be jealous of you if you kept seeing one of your sires. It’s healthy.”

“But the thing is, I haven’t sired anyone!”

Yet, baby. You haven’t yet. Let’s say we get out of here and find you someone to have a little nibble on. You know it turns me on a little b-”

“Woah woah, that’s enough of that,” David said, not liking where this was going. “As… I want to say touching, but I’m really grossed out by it all, this is, we’re not letting you go anywhere I’m afraid.”
Find the chapter here and find out how this domestic argument ends at : 2. “I just didn’t expect to see someone fall right in front of me.” - Bite Mark | Royal Road or start from the beginning by following the link in the sig. 

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I was torn between which snippet to use for my recent Heroes of The Collective episode! 👀🤔🥴
LONGSTORYSHORT: Kimona aka Agwé is having to be interviewed where she can publicly apologise for causing three deaths in the first few chapters of Volume 1. This is really just the beginning for the ups and downs that Kimona is going to face through the rest of this volume and across the next few volumes. 

I was tempted to use a snippet which captured the interview nicely, but went with the more actiony/superheroey snippet, in the hope that... well, action sells. 

There are descriptions of gore within the chapter. 

Quote:“Look, we need to go Kimona,” Dylan interrupted impatiently. Dale threw Kimona a back pack which she caught easily. “The water’s that way,” he added, pointing in the direction of the beach and ignoring the news team’s presence.

“We’ve got the van on Park Ave,” Andy suggested.

“We’d outrun your van,” Dylan replied bluntly, and with that, the two Enhanceds ran off at great speed.

Kimona and Dylan tore across the sand towards the surf, Dylan still in his suit and Kimona still in her heels, pencil skirt and blouse. The backpack was gripped in one hand still. It contained her Agwé suit, which was always with her where she went.

“You got me?” shouted Dylan on her left.

“Just keep running!” He had faith in her, so pushed on. True enough, Dylan met water and just kept running. On water. He whooped and hollered, a huge smile on his face as he looked down at his feet running on water!

Kimona submerged under the water and moments later came back up, now in her suit. The pair ran on the water, each footstep kept up by Kimona’s manipulation.

“You know where we’re heading?” Agwé asked.

“Yeah, just a bit southerly. The yacht cannot be missed, it’s beautiful!” Dylan promised.

Catch the chapter right here directly in your eyes :  16. Agwé #7 : Paparazzi - Heroes of The Collective Volume Two : Regret | Royal Road
Or start from the start with Volume 1 via the link in the signature.

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Finally got to reveal the meta storyline behind my story this week. Muahahahaha! Yes, Zu Mari is treated the way he is for an in-universe reason. :-3

Minor spoilers, as this is from chapter 31, but since it's a core point of the story I'm going to use it in advertising sooner or later so I don't mind sharing.

Quote:"You have been cursed with the Protagonist Fragment," said Heart of Fire and Spirit of Twilight Death. "Everything in the world will begin to revolve around you, if it hasn’t already.”

Zu Mari frowned uncertainly. “That doesn’t sound like a curse to me.”

“Indeed. There are those who seek out the Protagonist Fragment, desperate for its power, but it only appears to those for whom there is no other help. Being lazy or avaricious is not enough. If there is anything one can do of their own power to improve their situation, the Protagonist Fragment will reject them. Only those who truly have no other choice, who are trapped and utterly helpless, will have a chance to be chosen by that accursed power.”

“You keep saying ‘cursed’ but it sounds like something that helps the downtrodden.” Remembering the hopelessness of his early life wasn’t something Zu ever wanted. Going back to being outcast and shunned and looked down on for something he couldn’t help, for a deficiency in his birth that no amount of hard work could overcome, it would crush his spirit. “I’m happier now than I could ever have been before.”

“For a time, it seems that way. But everyone touched by that power comes in time to hate it, and try to reject it. By then, it’s too late. Too much of themselves is built on the Protagonist Fragment’s power, and they find they are only trapped in a different sort of helplessness. Surely you’ve noticed the changes in those around you?”

Zu thought back. “Grandfather Gari always ignored me before,” he said slowly. “Once I showed that I wasn’t a useless outcast, he welcomed me back and made me his heir.”

“Exactly. That doesn’t make any sense. What patriarch would change their heir in a single day without giving thought to the decision?””
“The kind that recognizes skill. It makes perfect sense! I’m the most powerful Mari now, I can use all of our secret techniques, all our most difficult spells. I am the most worthy!”

“And what about Alahira Inferna? Or Xashu Cougar? Or Luzi, for that matter? The longer you’re around people, the more their lives begin to revolve around you. The more they’re exposed to the Protagonist Fragment in your soul, the less their own desires and hopes and dreams will matter.”

Zu laughed and shook his head. “That still does not sound like a curse. In fact, it sounds like the answer to my problem.”

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Hello, Snippet Lovers! How do you like my flame-y new avatar border? Pretty cool, huh? 

Yes! It is! And that is because EnhancedBeing and I are two of the lucky winners of DrBuller's and Ararara's and Wing's most generous and fun-loving give-a-way, where thirty-- Yes! THIRTY! -- lucky Royal Road-ies get a chance to try one month of Premium membership for FREE!!

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But, ah... please read my Snippet first though, okay? Last week in Sunday Snippets, we saw Hank -- my rather trepid Hero of DOTS -- almost get squished by a jumbo jet plummeting from the sky. Here's what happens next in Chapter TWO of The Book of PATIENCE

     At some time during the night, Rio wriggled feebly, fagged from the throes of ecstasy Hank had so often delivered. She wished to admire his naked body in its entirety, still laying upon her as they both lay on the sōpurando air mattress. But with her wrists strapped to the pipes, all she could see by raising her head was his shaggy mane and a bit of his butt.
     He moaned while half asleep, feeling her move underneath him. He forced her to lay still by wrapping her tighter in his arms and squeezing until she relaxed. He then kissed the hot blush between her breasts and swirled one of her nipples with his tongue.
     Rio swooned as ecstasy again engulfed her. The closer she drew herself to him, the calmer her Reality became.
     No, not Reality, she thought, bringing more peace to her weary soul than it had ever known. The entire Universe.
     He cuddled her like a pillow. Though neither could see the other's face, they shared a smile together.
     “Will you take me now?” she asked politely, his head nestled near hers.
     “I am,” he said after a long moment, his eyes closed and again half asleep. “I'm so deep into you.”
     Oh God. I am into you.
     Hank awoke the next morning as one of his most pleasant dreams about Rio turned into the worst of his PEP Test nightmares. The horror it evoked became crystal clear. The people in the nightmare who frolicked in Aika’s glade before burning and exploding like car bombs as a great darkness descended looked for all the world like a premonition of last night’s plane crash and fire.
     Now awake more fully, Hank had no time for dream analysis. Rio was choking the life from him using the leather belt.

And again. More 🙀

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Quote:The pair at the back of truck cleared John’s eye line, triggering whatever the boy and his grandfather kept hidden. A glowing red eye illuminating the canvas, and in a low, bone chilling, synthesized voice it emitted two words.

“Threat detected.” Something rotated into place with a clunk, then spat white hot led through the air, through the thin canvas covering, and through the raider’s chest. Repeating the process in an instant to put another bullet through the second raider with an equally loud boom. Leaving three. And sending the nightmare, dreamlike state into overdrive.

Time slowed, data scrolled. Each of the raiders were highlighted in green, percentage values being calculated, assigned to each in turn. The weapons they held pulsed green. Catalogued, interpreted, by the system running in his head, dotted lines drawn from them, around them. Then finally a green person shaped outline almost moving through the world.

Trying to assert some form of control, John stopped fighting the flow of information, going with it instead. John began to see what started unfolding before his eyes, inside his eyes. A plan, a schematic, laid over the world showing him what to do, all presented in impossibly slowed time. Data stopped scrolling, percentages locked in at ninety five, person shaped outlines fixed. Instinctively John shifted his weight onto the balls of his feet, lowering his arms. His muscles tensed, nerves super charged with electricity. A single word flashed inside his eyes.


So this is pretty early and is my take on incorporating game like mechanics, reimaging them almost as a super power. It's also integral to the plot. Vol ll is also posted fully now

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At last, it's snippet time! The snippet this time is from last Friday's chapter (Chapter 23: I Hate Mondays), where I finally began Arc 3 of my story!! 

Context: Two days after the events of Arc 2, Diva calls Shindo to report some stuff to him. However she takes this chance to tease him, for his actions in Arc 2.

Quote:"It's way too early to be calling, eh?" Shindo spoke, as a yawn built up on his mouth.

"You were the one who told me to call you this early, gremlin." Diva's teasing yet perky voice rang through his ears. "Do you want me to remind you of your exam as well?"

"Please, do not," Shindo groaned. He stood from his bed and started searching for his string visor.

"But you did so well, Mr. Wattz!" She kept teasing, "You did such a good job riling them up!"

"Diva... Please." Shindo's voice grew colder. Where had he left that damn visor?

"But I still can't believe it! You had the balls to call the argument between two heroes a 'high school drama'! This tops your stunt with Pyro!" Diva exclaimed in glee. She sure was enjoying herself at Shindo's expense, especially throughout the past weekend. This was starting to get annoying.

"Shut it!" Shindo said as he finally spotted the visor on top of his dresser. He grabbed them and started putting them on.

If you'rw interested on how this conversation goes or why Diva is calling Shindo, the link to the chapter is above. If you're curious aa to how Shindo got involved with heroes on the first place or why he had to take an exam to become a hero, the link to my story is on my signature. 

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As some of you may know, gentle readers, there are two stories I am working on here on Royal Road. I started the second one last month, after a wonderful fellow Royal Road-ie named Mary Evans made for me the most beautiful bookcover I have ever owned.

You may remember it from Week Five of Sunday Snippets, as that was when she first gave it to me, and when I first started posting chapters to my musical SciFi callled The VocaLords. In it, a guitarist named Gumi fights against Evil by using her music to send bad souls to Hell. That is, until a power-crazed violinist named VioLinja sends Gumi to Hell herself. If that isn't bad enough, now Gumi must also face a murderous ballerina who stands twenty feet tall, in Chapter TWO of Episode TWO of The VocaLords, entitled The Essence of Gisella.

And here is a snippet:

     VioLinja leaned forward, still playing her violin from atop Gisella's shoulder. She spoke with smug cheer, more to herself than to anyone else.
     "Who is this fool?" she asked, unaware it was Gumi. "And why aren't you running?"
     Gumi silently stared up at VioLinja, her pick hovering over the strings of her guitar.
     "Gumi? Is that you?"
     As the trio stared at one another, VioLinja's music made its way down to Gumi. She was playing a balletic lullaby, both fateful and romantic. It spoke of a jilted lover and her descent into madness; a staccato dance with death.
     VioLinja seemed to be playing it right into Gisella's ear.


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I am a bit late but here is my contribution for this week from my latest chapter. The moral of the story? Be careful what you say before toddlers.

Quote:“Who would dare look shabby in front of the Blood Hawk of Falkion unless they are prepared to face her wrath?” Gregor, carrying little Soraishu in his arms, came to them and sighed.

Lorelei’s sharp gaze didn’t miss the fact that, despite the festive air around them, his expression was far away from joyous. The young knight’s usually unruly white hair was now carefully combed and tied in a low ponytail, two thin braids decorating his temples. He, unlike his son and wife, proudly wore the dark-blue and silver attire of the ducal household instead of the colors of House De Vindur.
“Stop spouting nonsense or Lorelei would think mother is some sort of monster.” Saya humphed and gave her husband a warning look.
“But every time she comes by, she threatens to have you divorce me since I’m apparently a good-for-nothing, mannerless barbarian,” the knight pouted. “It has been over two years already! She should forget about what happened at the wedding."
“It is hard to forget how you got drunk, fought with His Highness, threw up all over the place, and needed two people to carry you to the nuptial chamber.” Saya lifted an eyebrow. “But I am surprised that you remember any of it.”
“It is even harder to forget your mother calling me limp prick on our wedding night,” her husband grumbled in response and hugged their son tightly.
Dada, what’s limpwick?” Soraishu chirped curiously all of a sudden.
Lorelei had to bite her lips to prevent bursting into laughter at the mortified look on Gregor and Saya’s faces. Unfortunately for them, not everyone was willing to suppress their emotions.
“R-Rai!” Gregor coughed and tried to ignore Rish’s giggle. “It… it is…”
“You are too young to understand, dear,” said Saya and threw her cousin-in-law a killing glare.
Baba call dada limpwick.” Two innocent blue eyes stared at the stuttering knight and the child proclaimed proudly. “Dada is best! Rai want be like dada. Rai is limpwick too!”

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From the most recent chapter of Galactiquest:

Quote:“Oh no, I just didn’t think this one through.” Leon summoned more stars the normal way. “I was meaning to come back to it once I changed the name. Does it sound too anime?”

“It sounds more like a video game to me.” Roxie dodged another set of stars without much thought. “Why?”

“Sweet! I didn’t want to be known as an anime fanboy.” 

“But you’d rather be known as a gamer? Are we not cut from the same cloth? Do we not share the same table in society’s dining hall?”

“Woah, woah, I never said I was a ‘gamer.’” He used air quotes between his next set of stars.

“Yet like roses by other names, we still reek the same stench!” 

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  Sonya looked off to the side when the other woman’s accusation hit her full force. “It’s not just gossip once people start to connect the dots. We’ll have both of our families’ histories and actions on display if we don’t take what he told me as a warning.” There was a slight dip in her voice that made Momo stare at her for longer than usual, noticing the stress that had grown as she shook her head. “I think after we get whatever intel he has, you should tell Zachary that this shouldn’t just involve you.”
  Continuing, the older woman looked over at her laptop with a stony glare. “Multiple people have been killed in various ways that are obvious messages to our kind. To humans, it’s just a gruesome crime scene but to us, it’s someone attempting to steal marked territory. And that could lead to them trying to harm you or some other clan who caught wind of their behavior. You can’t handle this on your own, the others have to step in to help.” It was rare to hear Sonya, the childish party girl, being serious but Momo was thankful that she knew what was to come.
  This explained how odd her companion had been acting since they got back from the club. Neither liked the idea of other clans having to get involved or their family’s becoming entangled with it. But, Momo had to admit it was more than likely to happen, it was going to happen if it wasn’t already. Clan business was too political for the nineteen-year-old’s comfort and always seemed to end up screwing everyone but the big fish over. Still, they had to maintain some form of order and this bastard was causing humans to involve themselves in their territory and hunting grounds. And they couldn’t pay off the entire human government to hide their true nature.

  “I planned to ever since we heard that interview in the car,” She admitted, thinking back to the shock of the woman’s hysterical words on live radio. “I’m sure some of the other clans in the area are going to bang down my aunt’s door in a few days. I’d just rather not involve myself further in this bullshit, it’s irritating knowing some idiot is doing this all for attention.”

Man, I needed to halve some paragraphs in this chapter because wow.

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Too busy, can't talk, so here's chap 4 of Descent: 

Dreams deserted Arty in his sleep, abandoning him to the darkness and leaving him restless as he opened his eyes, unsure of whether he’s still asleep. He stretched out in bed, stiffening a yawn as he pushed aside the blanket laid upon him, looking around the room for the girl who committed the act.

Sitting there at the dining table, he spotted the culprit sitting on the chair, wolfing down the food left overnight and scraping up the last bits of soup from the bowl before setting the tablewares down, leaving it clattering on the table as a burp emerged from her. She was still wearing her tattered clothing, yet in the cold, she didn't look bothered by it.