Appreciation for formatting options

So, I just released (in my opinion) a really cool chapter. It has pictures, fancy lines, nested spoiler boxes with customized titles, all the fun things! It turned out beautifully.

On most sites, I don’t get those options. There’s one site that I could recreate what I did here on, but it would be significantly more time-consuming.

So I’d like to take a moment to give my appreciation to the time and effort the Royal Road team has put into making those options available to me. Seriously, well done. You could have done the bare minimum, with text coloring and right alignment, but no. You went above and beyond what people think is needed, so that we can make works of art.

And I’m not just saying that for my chapter, there are plenty of stories that make use of the epic options you’ve given us. Even if someone doesn’t use them, I’m sure the fact that they exist and are easily available is appreciated by every single writer on the platform.

Cheers DrakanWine DrakanWine DrakanWine DrakanWine DrakanWine