Shapeshifter MC

Hi, I'm looking for novels where the MC
  • Is a shapeshifter and uses this ability fairly often
  • Uses magic as main "weapon"
  • Is non-human (not required)
  • A girl/woman (not required)
I've read Maou Shoujo Magical Chaos and Isekai'd Shoggoth (and also started Everybody Loves Large Chests but I hate stupid MCs so I dropped it - if you tell me he gets at least as smart as a human I might pick it up again)


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Ariana Wrote: Not on RR but the only thing that comes to mind is That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. But you have probably already read/watched it...
Yeah I've read it, one of my favourite books actually but haven't mentioned it because the shapeshifting gets almost forgotten a 1/3 of the way through the book

Re: Shapeshifter MC

My story Doing God's Work has a shapeshifter MC who uses the ability regularly.

There's also Graven, which doesn't have a main character per se but has a shapeshifter as one of the key major characters. Great story, too.

And there's The Ogre's Pendant, in which one of the two main characters is a shapeshifter. Also a fantastic story.

If you hate stupid MCs, you shouldn't have a problem with any of these - all feature competent, intelligent characters.

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I'm the Demon Lord, but All I Wanna Do is Sit Around and Eat Pizza Poppers - It's brand-new for the Writathon, but trust me, I beta read the original version of this story back in the day, and there's good stuff in store. The main character is a shapeshifter Demon Lord who causes great mayhem for sometimes very stupid reasons. It's updating like 3 times a day right now, which makes it super hard for me to keep up with but that's probably a big boon to most of y'all RR users lol

And I second Doing God's Work with great passion. It's currently my #2 favorite fic on all of Royal Road, and that's a high bar to clear because there's a lot of books on the site that I quite dig. The shapeshifting doesn't start for a while due to plot reasons, but later on it gets kinda crazy.