Hello, I'm Orthoros!

Hello fellow Royal Roaders!

I've recently migrated to this site in order to start writing my new novel. Which is, for the first time, a complete original and not a fanfic. I've first learned about Royal Road because someone recommended the story "Chrysalis" to me, a story which I absolutely love. FOR THE COLONY!

Well anyway, I was born and raised in Switzerland and am currently 29 years old. I have, so far, earned my living as a professional chef, but that's about to change. Covid opened my eyes to the fact that my working conditions and my work/life balance are absolutely whack, so I'm looking to change my field of work. I'm currently looking into becoming a nightguard, which conveniently would also allow me to write during boring periods at work :)

So far, I've only written fics over at fimfiction.net. So yes, I could be considered a brony. I've mostly left the fandom behind by now, and as already mentioned, I will write an original now. I have experience with longfics already, since my longest trilogy is around about 320k words long, and I hope to make this next one even longer. But enough about me as a writer, here's more about me as a person!

I absolutely love coming together with my friends to play some boardgames. Among our favorites are the card game Munchkin, and the PvP(and presently PvE) game, Dice Throne. We're looking into starting a DnD campaign soon as well, since I will finally have weekends off with my new job :) I'm also a huge pinball enthusiast, and can regularly be found at the local casino. Not to gamble, mind you, but to play on their 20+ pinball machines! Other hobbies include: Writing(Obviously), reading, billiards, going to the cinema, reading manga/watching anime, and unhealthy amounts of vidya.

I hope to be on here and post a nice, long story for everyone to enjoy, so... 

See you around!

Re: Hello, I'm Orthoros!

Welcome to Royal Road. It's not an easy thing to change careers, but it sounds like you're much happier now. I've known many writers who've started out with fan fiction. It seems a great way to get into writing. I've actually played Munchkin and it was quite fun. Many other gamers here. It just seems gaming and writing go together. Being active in the Forums and commenting on stories you read are great ways to interact with the community. Also be sure to check out Cinn's beginner's guide. https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/111469 It has a lot of good information on Royal Road.

Hope you enjoy being here and that your new writing adventure goes well. Good luck.