Am I writing litrpg correctly?

Hello, so I was thinking about this, for a while and was hoping somebody would look at the litrpg I made. I've never actually made a litrpg so it would be most helpful if somebody could tell me if I'm doing something wrong. I feel I may be doing something wrong, but have no idea if I am. My thanks to anyone that does check(in my signature) and make sure I'm writing this correctly. Also if I put this in the wrong forums spot please tell me and I'll move it. May everyone have a nice day.  

Re: Am I writing litrpg correctly?

I'm also writing LitRPG for the first time with The Beast of Ildenwood - or, at least, I started off trying to make it a LitRPG, until I realized it was probably more accurate to call it a GameLit for the meantime because I'm not entirely sure I'm hitting all the marks for it to comfortably be called a LitRPG. In other words, I'm still learning a lot about the genres and may not be the best suited person to provide any help, but hopefully this reply will also boost this thread and someone else can pick it up!

I've given your first chapter of Yindriffe a quick read and I think there are definitely elements there that I understand are integral to LitRPG. Also, here are some RR forum threads discussing how to write a LitRPG that I've bookmarked and am still going through, bit by bit:
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Keep in mind that a lot of these are discussion-based threads where writers and readers alike share their opinions and thoughts, so no need to take things as iron-clad laws for writing LitRPG. That being said, there are some great nuggets of advice and lessons to be picked up from these if you get the chance to read them. At worst, even if you read responses/thoughts you don't agree with, you can at least define what kind of LitRPG you want to write more clearly.

(Also, there are probably more forum threads here in RR that can be found dealing with LitRPG as it's a very popular topic of discussion and comes around often.)

I hope these resources help! peohello

Re: Am I writing litrpg correctly?

I don't see any problems with what you have. But at the end of the day you are the author. Your writing style is about you wanting to communicate a concept. As long as that concept is understandable, write it anyway you want.

Anyone can give you advice or feedback. But honestly? As long as it makes sense and doesn't go overboard. You are not writing a thesis on a D&D manual, you are throwing together charts and stats on your characters. 

The most important aspect of LITRPG, at least in my opinion, is make sure your math is accurate and has a pattern. Don't give your characters 10 strength gain one level and 62 the next. Set a pattern, stick to the pattern, and make sure the math makes sense and is understandable for the reader. If I wanted to do trig to understand your stat sheets and gains, I would just go read a college text book.

But seriously, your fiction looks good. I took a look at the first chapter you had up there. Its interesting. I would mess around with putting those stats in a chart though. If you dont have excel, use the google drive tools. They are free and they copy over well.

Re: Am I writing litrpg correctly?


I read through your first chapter, and if I had to define it, I would say its shaping up to be a survival LitRPG.

Its it LitRPG? I would say so, so far.

There's a lot of debate about what is, and isn't LitRPG, and not all definitions agree, but if you asked me, I'd say LitRPG is quantifiable progression, i.e.  your MC progressing in power through definite milestones (typically player level). Of course, this increase in power shouldn't only be reflected in the numbers, but in the character's impact on the story too.

The other thing readers will look for are common game elements like: quests, skills, abilities, levelling, dungeons, town-building, etc...

Hope that helps!