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November Thread - Promote your Story

For Authors: Post your story promotion as a reply to this thread.
You can get creative, or you can just post the description, image(if available), and your word count. But most importantly your Royal Road fiction link.

Note: This is somewhat of a first-come, first-served basis, as the earlier you reply, the more likely your description will be read first. This is why this thread for self-promotions is monthly-based (to not overflow it). At the start of next month, we will have a new thread, and you can promote your story there again.

For Readers: Did you want more lists to find stories from? well... here is another one, give the stories a shot!

You can also use this subforum for fiction promotion

Re: November Thread - Promote your Story

A character study on the royal family of Mars during the Lacerta Dynasty from the 21st-23rd centuries Anno Domini:

{The Tragedy of House Lacerta has entered its first interlude in lieu of a hiatus with Station Stories I: Amygdalan Gods)

♦Following a trilogy of trilogies approach, The Tragedy of House Lacerta is a fully planned nonology.
♦Amygdalan Gods will also be releasing, consisting of 3 short stories and a novella, which all tie back to various points along the greater timeline.

☼If a long, family character study that acts as a focal point for an expanded universe of stories sounds like your jam, consider giving Angel of the Red Sun a check.☼

•Or, if you would rather like to try your hand at unraveling the lurid mysteries The Black has to offer, give Amygdalan Gods a browse.•

What can you expect from The Tragedy of House Lacerta?
-Paranormal Horror
-Swords in Space 
-Comprehensive Worldbuilding and Consistency
-Several Influences From Dune and Metal Gear Solid

What can you expect to avoid in The Tragedy of House Lacerta

-Egregious Romance
-Sexual Gratuity
-Power creep and Unrealistic Power Expectations
-GameLit and Isekai elements
-Unpolished work

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Parallel Hearts(Book 1)


Darkness ever so deep inside, hatred forever staining the soul. Power but a double edged sword, maybe it can do good as well as causing great destruction. Someone once mighty, two halves originally whole. One of innocence, the other of malice. Both a reflection of one high above, that being binding to the weaker half, under the identity of Cyra. 

Infinite in sins they are, embracing their imperfections and selfish desires. Clashing against those endless emotions, memories tormenting but evermore pleasureful. Maybe in the deepest of despair, there can be solace. Even if one is to eternally travel in the harshest of sorrow, it is never truly hopeless, that being trying to right the wrong that has been done. No matter the morrow ahead, perseverance relentlessly protruding. Will Cyra succeed? Or will her enemies?

"My other half...when will you cease this pointless resistance, and join me to become whole once again?"

"Even if I must fight for an eternity, then so be it, to reclaim those pleasureful times..."

"I will no longer live in your shadow Maria!"

A fierce battle now reflecting into reality, an entity from the deepest of abyss awakening once again, bringing demise in the wake of their despair. What is hiding away in the farthest reaches of the past? Why are both halves so conflicted? All of this may be answered.

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Heroes of The Collective, is a character driven superhero web-series following the lives of The Enhanced Beings Collective- a Government affiliated team of heroes who protect the United States against threats to their interests locally, nationally and globally. And now galactically...

They say it’s better to regret things you’ve done than what you haven’t done. But for our heroes, the feeling is the same and cuts just as deep whatever the reason. Volume Two: Regret, explores the aftermath of Volume One’s finale and how the team moves on with their own sources of regret.

With some new additions to the team and a roster of new villains as well as some familiar, our heroes are busy travelling beyond the galaxies to more Earths, making bad judgements, uncovering secrets and fighting… for… survival!

Coming up in November
This week ---> Agwé #7 : Paparazzi - Kimona faces the music as she prepares for her TV interview but the camera soon becomes more interested when her skills are needed elsewhere!
Pan #3 : Code Red! - A tragedy occurs in Pan's life and Dylan wasn't there for him. Can Dylan apologise and make amends in the face of such heartbreak? A special two hander issue. 
Flip #7 : Campfire Songs And Kumbayas - A camping trip in Yosemite with the Woodland Warriors spirals out of control!
The Astral Sheriff #8 : Part 1 of The Desperate Space Envoy Mission - The Sheriff and The Power of Three's return to Earth have caused quite a storm and the Government step in to manage the damage. This is a 3 part story that moves into December!

Other things to know:
New releases every Friday, just after 20:00 GMT!
Volume 1 is STILL complete and ready to catch up on!


A new series I'm doing for the Writeathon, which is a bit of an experiment for me.

Tarmsworth St Jude is a market town in North East England, and it has a big problem. Like the rest of the UK, the night now belongs to vampuras. Blood suckers preying on the vulnerable and the stupid. We follow Mark and his twin brother Henry as they start working for the voluntary organisation created to protect the town and its people from the threat of vampuras. 

Contains gore, lots of swearing and traumatising content, this series is a daft horror that tries to be funny... so a horredy, if you may.

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Two millennia after a planet-wide disaster, Humanity has once again taken to the stars, only to find themselves a late arrival to a crowded affair.

As the mighty Thorian Empire sits temporarily stagnant reeling from the aftermath of a decades-old war, Earth has the opportunity to establish itself as a more prominent technological and political force. Would a resurgent Empire quash those ambitions once and for all or will it all crumble in the face of an even greater threat emerging from the depths of dead space?
The Bloodlet Sun follows a cast of characters flung across the different corners of the knows worlds, as their intertwining stories affect the course of history and perhaps the survival of all sentient life.

If you’re interested in a classic space opera with multitudes of different species, faster-than-light travel, and, most importantly, character development and the uncovering of ancient secrets, then The Bloodlet Sun is for you.

Just click the picture below and enjoy!

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The Awakening changed the face of reality itself. A cataclysm of dimensional proportions, the event unleashed all manner of demonic beasts upon the world of man and left humanity's scattered survivors trapped in an endless battle for survival.

That's a battle Council Academy all-star Seth Wright learned the hard way, barely surviving his first encounter with demonic entities. Now aware of the peril mankind faces, he's desperate to learn what he must to defeat them - but the only person willing to help him is veteran demon hunter Astral Daamon, and only so she can pursue her own investigation into corruption within the walls of the Council Academy.

But what they uncover together is far more terrifying than mere conspiracy - challenging everything Seth thought he knew about fighting demons. Beneath the foundations of the academy itself, an ancient and malevolent evil is stirring from its slumber - and unless Seth is willing to sacrifice what he believes could protect humanity  from annihilation, this demon will rise and devour everyone he cares about.

Seth is being forced to weigh the lives of his classmates against the fate of humanity. When the moment comes, will he make the right decision?

You can read Awakening: Prodigy here - updated every Monday & Friday

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The Undecided Title of Sara Miller

"You need to know something," said Fili, taking Sara's face in his large warm hands. "You will always have me. Even if the Valar take you away tomorrow, I will always be your brother. I want you here with me. I'm going to fight Thorin for the right to make you my Heart Sister. But even if I lose, you are always my sister. I would sooner stop being a dwarf than stop being your brother."

Can exploring caves land you in a hobbit's pantry? It happened to Sara Miller. Taken from the 21st century, she must navigate through Middle-Earth to find a way back home. But to do so she will have to understand why the Valar have sent her in the first place, something even Gandalf does not know. All Sara wants to do is return home so she can resume the search for her family, but now she is stuck going on an insane quest.

Of all the wizards in Middle-Earth, Thorin has to deal with a capricious one, namely Gandalf. Determined to reclaim his home in Erebor for his people, Thorin was prepared to accept a hobbit in his company at Gandalf's request. But now the wizard insists that if Thorin wants his help he must allow a woman from another world to join the quest as well. But just because the wizard brings her along doesn't mean Thorin has to welcome or trust her. Who is this woman, why is she here, and why is Mahal's mark on her hand?

Berries, Boars, and a Boy

"In a lot of ways, Snotlout is very much Spitelout's son," said Freda. Torben did not need to see her face to hear in her voice that she wanted to say more.

"One can hardly help but notice," he said when she didn't immediately continue.

"But," she added hesitantly. "In more subtle and quiet ways he is much more my son."

Torben turned his face toward the sun, the heat of it warming his skin though his world remained dark. "Even without my sight I could see that. Why else do you think I would encourage and allow his frequent visits here."


He was brash, cocky, and way too self-confident for it to be real but he had gotten her out of the tree. She was older than him, taller than him, and had an annoying habit of seeing through his bluffs but she had stitched him up. What happens when Sigyn and Snotlout strike up an unusual friendship? And what happens when Snotlout goes away to The Edge with the other Dragon Riders and she stays behind? Will their friendship remain intact, fade away, or possibly change into something neither was expecting?
Just see if I don't make a Snotlout fan of you by the end. Story told from both Sigyn and Snotlout's POV.

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Look a little closer. See the cracks growing deeper. See here, in Entithea, these old dead things growing restless. Witness their release.

Six Families rule the underground city of Entithea, each with unique magic granted through pacts with their ancestors. To break one's Family pact means loss of magic and all Family bonds. Only the Orphanage, run by the Church of Royals, will take in the disowned.

In that Orphanage lives the brash young woman Nadira, delivered to there as an infant. When Nadira makes the hasty decision to run away, the consequences echo through the tunnels.

The Church’s influence reaches every part of Entithea. Many people want to keep Orphans where they are, while others want to break the system to serve themselves. For her freedom, Nadira must find a way to keep the Church of Royals at bay. Her interests will collide with four others, for good or ill. Entithea’s future lies in their hands. 


Beneath Within is a ghost story, and the ghosts are bound to almost everyone. It's an exploration into the influence of history and the nature of control. Here is a fantasy adventure with possessions aplenty and a murder mystery. After all, what is life without death?

Updates every Thursday and Sunday

Hope you enjoy it!

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Earth seems to be the latest victim of an amoral interstellar empire looking for entertainment. No one's going to have an easy time surviving, but does a mom of three even have a chance?

That's the blurb for my new RoyalRoad story, Apocalypse Parenting.

Not everyone in a crisis is a dashing young twentysomething free from responsibilities. What would families do in a LitRPG apocalypse? What if it wasn't easy to put children and the elderly safely out of harm's way?

I've got a lot of ideas, and I think it's going to be a really fun and interesting journey. I'll update each Tuesday, with extra updates periodically if I've gotten far enough ahead.  I'm participating in Writeathon this month, so expect lots of extra updates in November!

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Mandatory Overtime 
Naomi Turner was forced to work overtime for a company that created the full-immersion VR. She expected to be home by 9 p.m. at the LATEST, but the company trapped her and all the other players in their virtual world for God knows how long! 

In a game-like world with system boxes and level ups, she must beat the game and escape this blasted virtual reality! 

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Yes, that's right, you heard it here! The Unstoppable Ascension of Zu Mari is now coming to a writeathon near you!
Step right up to take advantage of this once in a while offer! Read the hilarious misadventures of the time-looping cultivator, ZU MARI today!

Zu Mari will never be stopped! Zu Mari will ascend to the heavens!
Zu Mari is a downtrodden cultivator without any hope of becoming powerful. OR SO HE THINKS!
One day fate intervenes on his behalf to give him everything he'd ever dreamed of, ALL THE POWER HE SO RIGHTLY DESERVES!
And then, finally, everything starts going his way.

(Well... kind of.)

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You're probably familiar with the kids' movie cliché of the main character being a misfit in his/her own community. Now, imagine a place where everyone there was like that in their past - and the person in charge was exploiting this fact.

This is part of the basic premise of my work, Unimaa. The title, which is a Finnish word meaning "dream land", refers to a place in the subconscious, originally created to give children a safe space during the night but which has unfortunately been taken over by an evil spirit named Frida, who takes on the form of a benevolent princess and uses Unimaa to lure in vulnerable friendless children with the promise of eternal happiness and friends... at the cost of their souls, which she's been harvesting via a mysterious black orb she wears around her neck.

The first chapter focuses on Eino, a farm boy from the northern land of Vasa in the late 19th century who becomes Frida's first victim and her second-in-command - all she asks is that he help recruit more friends for her. The subsequent seven chapters, set 100 years later at the end of 1999, focus on the three Laine siblings, the youngest of which, a friendless 4-year-old boy named Mika, is led to believe that his two older siblings, an 8-year-old girl named Lumi and a 7-year-old boy named Sami, hate him after a misunderstanding - he finds himself in Unimaa that night, decides to join Frida's Friends Club, and when Lumi and Sami figure out what's going on when Mika remains asleep the following morning, this prompts them to find a way into Unimaa the following night and rescue him before it's too late.

There's a touch of comedy in there too, to keep it from being excessively dark.

All but the last chapter is available as of the timestamp of this post; it will be uploaded on Thursday.

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FIRST..........I am approaching 3000 reads on RR. Thank you readers! Next, I just got word from Amazon that THE BLACKGLOOM BOUNTY and the next two episodes of THE SCYTHIAN STONE SAGA - THE REGENTS OF RHUM and THE SCIONS OF SCOTIA - are being made available in hardcover for the first time. All 3 books have been available in Kindle and soft cover for a while but now they are going to make it to the "big leagues" with hardcover versions. Blackgloom is available for FREE here at RR (link below). I hope you will give it a try.

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The Kingdom of Malinas: Fifteen-year-old Sorrel returns to her home to find it burned and most of her people taken as slaves by Corrinus, the new ruler of Malinas. She's devastated to find her mother is amongst them and swears to rescue her. But her older brother Leif sends her to seek an army, while he remains with the survivors, teaching them to fight. It hurts that everyone says she's too small and too weak to fight, because she wants so much to be like her dead father - a great warrior - but she does as she's told.

She travels across country with her seer friend and faces many dangers – from mysterious grey wraiths to the crazed follower of Corrinus. She set out to find an army but instead, she returns with a dragon.


The Beautiful Man: Somebody is out to kill Ambrose Lawson. As an ex-pop star and up-and-coming actor, he has it all: good looks, a burgeoning career, and plenty of female fans. But an incident involving electrics in the bath leaves him able to absorb emotions from those he touches, jeopardising his career and, worse, his sex life.
More concerned about his own problems, he only starts to pay attention to the bodies piling up around him when he stumbles across one himself. Terrified, he runs out into the road where a car hits him.

The driver, Jenn Brooks, is his biggest fan. She’s stuck in a dead-end job, dreaming of becoming a writer. Horrified at running over her idol, she helps him home, apologising and revealing she'd been distracted by a ghost turning up on her backseat – the ghost of the corpse he had just discovered.
Ambrose makes a deal. Jenn can write a script for him, as long as she helps him to touch again.

Meanwhile, the murderer is closing in on him and those he’s close to. When Ambrose realises who it is, he must face the demons in his past and become a better man.

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Saga of the Cosmic Heroes, Volume 3: Embers of Ishtar
(Volume 3 cover art by gar32 on twitter)
354k words, 1,289 pages, 96 chapters
Quote:In the 26th Century, catastrophic warfare has rendered Terra uninhabitable, driving humankind to the brink of extinction. Spread out wide among the stars, the Interstellar Federation struggles to maintain order.

In Saga of the Cosmic Heroes, Ensign Victoria Happ-Schwarzenberger follows her father's footsteps in the Metropolitan Space Navy. She hopes to accomplish great deeds, by protecting and preserving the Federation.

Joining Victoria on her quest for fame is Li Chou, known as the Madame Scarface in the Year 217 Mafia. Her adoptive father, Dong Zhui, is a pirate and ruthless dictator nestled on the fringe of the galaxy. The destinies of these two entwine as they seek to write new history in the Cosmic Era.

But history is most often defined by those seeking social justice, and a steadfast martyr named Alexandra Descartes-Dolz has something to say about this.

The history of the Interstellar Federation is about to be rewritten.

Besides the three main characters, the story also explores points of views from a variety of side/minor characters as well. The story is written in first-person present tense for main characters, and limited third-person for side/minor characters. There will only be one PoV for a chapter, though.

  • Female leads
  • Space Opera
  • Drama
  • Strategy
  • War and Military
  • Multiple Lead Characters
May contain
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content
  • waifus you want to protect
Previously updated aiming for Friday releases, but will now update once or twice a week.

I also commission chapter art from various freelancer artists frequently, mostly done in anime style.

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The Loremaster's Guide

Serena had died a Celestial. One of the few who were meant to rule over the vast multiverse.
Yet she was inexplicably reborn. Carrying the knowledge of her past life, she seeks to do what her kind does best... rule.
Yet, the multiverse isn't what it once was. Mortals aspire to become what the celestials once were, through levels or classes or cultivation. New things that didn't and shouldn't exist.
And these mortals are only the beginning of what stands in her way.

Progression + Cultivation + GameLit + Multiverse + Slow Build + Slow Burn + Worldbuilding + Grimbright + Multiple POVs = Insanity for all.
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
Tags: Anti-Hero Lead, Female Lead, GameLit, Grimdark, Harem, High Fantasy, Magic, Male Lead, Multiple Lead Characters, Mythos, Non-Human lead, Portal Fantasy / Isekai Progression, Reincarnation, Ruling Class, Slice of Life, Strategy, Strong Lead, Supernatural, Villainous Lead
Current Word Count: 30k

Pages: 105
Chapters: 14

I update 3-5 times a week with 1.5-2.5k words a chapter. I am currently aiming for around 3k a chapter a day during the Writathon.

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Check out my story Metahuman Chronicles, a contemporary political/geopolitical thriller with superpowers thrown in. I'm also participating in the writathon, so it's a brand new story, but I'll be updating it daily for a while.


The Civil War was over, and Azeris stood in shambles with millions of dead, shut out by the world for the crimes committed in its past.

Jasmine is a metahuman simply looking to survive in a world that shuns and despises her kind. Newly freed by the new government, she expected to live a life on the run, stealing and working multiple odd jobs to survive. Little did she know, forces bigger than she could imaged would thrust her into a world of guns, assassination, and subterfuge. Together with her three metahuman companions, she'll have to find herself and what it is she truly wants to do.

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The Twins of the Aletere – Shadow of the Eclipse

Follow the trail by fire of the twins, Groyven and Tiffaniel Desilantre as they brave the wilds to find sanctuary!
Finding the path and mending the wounds of grief is a tumultuous undertaking for the twins Desilantre after the loss of their parents a year earlier. In the midst of battle, a fateful event tears them from the elven warship, the Lychen’s Fiddle and the broken remnants of their family. Cooperation is key should they survive in these uncharted lands, yet the ancient plague of sibling rivalry constantly threatens to tear them apart. 

This story is almost finished (a few more days at best) and only half of the chapters have been posted!

This is the origin story of the orphaned twins, those marked with the elemental powers of the Demon’s Thread. Their elder sister and her path to be reunited with her younger siblings. And the events that they happen to find themselves thrust into the middle of.

This is the first part of a trilogy. It includes a lot of character development and a steady growth of lore focused on the world they find themselves in. It is paced more like a novel.

Posting on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. With a goal of approximately 6000 words a week. At the moment it is 40 chapters in and many more ready and scheduled.
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