Oh Good Ferryman, do accept this meager fee...

Good Ferryman,Good Ferryman most wise,
Take not my soul as your price,
I be a simple cat trying to get by,
With a few followers on the sly,
We cats be simple creatures yes,
Take instead the duck and the chaos it doth harness,
For I am sure a better meal it shall provide,
Then any cat found on this Royal Roadside
For it be the best place to be at naptime.

My book be but a funny quip,
Made to wrest smiles from a weary lip,
Do check it out if you have the time,
Even though it be not written in rhyme,
It be a good Comedy written fast,
With a plot built to last.

But if this be not enough to satisfy your appetite,
Do enjoy this poemish blight,
On the face of all poems written right,
For it be not abstruse,
And read like an elaborate ruse,
To advertise my book to you.

But once again I plead,
Take this as your fee,
And leave me not on the wrong side of this little sea,
For I do wish to cross into wherever this Quest be,
So do hear my plea,
And let me set my worries free!