November Prompt Thread.

November is a time for a change. Month after month, would one go through the motions of everyday life, looking straight ahead at work, studies, and your personal life, until one day, you look back and realise that an entire year has passed. Resolutions made go unanswered. Plans end up delayed. And the clock ticks ever so slightly faster.

For me, two, nearly three, months of basic military training has passed. While it feels longer when I'm in camp, it feels a lot shorter when I'm out. I can feel that my writing and my recreational life has taken a hit. No longer do I write as fast as I would pulling an all-nighter. Yet the knowledge gained while training helps hone the words and scenes that I want to convey.

In any case, this is a reminder to my fellow writers. Don't be lured by the facade of time. Spend it wisely and you'll find you have plenty left to spare.

Nevertheless; this is the November Prompt Thread!  Here, you can use the prompt and write a short story, maybe an entire book if you'd like, and post them here for others to read. It's also for those of you stuck on your main story and wants something else to do for now.

Yup. It's early because I'll be away for another two weeks out in field camp and without a straight line to the gods internet, so ya. Also, this is a direct call for new prompts to use for future prompt threads. It can be in an image, a poem, or just a regular title. Anything is fine! (Except the usual NSFW and whatnot.) So if you have any, do DM them my way, and I'll use prospective ones for future threads!

Anyways, hope you all continue writing, and see you soon!

Prompt: (Yet another unknown source from The Writer's Lair Discord. Do tell if you know the source!)

Edit: Whoops. There is a source that I didn't check clearly. Here's the original art: