Preferred chapter length?

Just wondering how everyone felt about chapter length. Speaking Royal Roads specifically, what do you believe is the best chapter lengths.

Personally, the way I write my novels is by having beefy chapters, 4-6k words. My 105K novel only had 24 chapters, which is an average of around 4300 words per chapter. On this site, however, I have been loving writing my bite sized chapters of less than 2k words. For some reason, it just feels right to me.

How does everyone else feel?

Re: Preferred chapter length?

My chapters usually end up being around 2k, but if the chapter calls for more/less words, I just go with the flow of it. A lot of readers on here just want to read stories they like! 1k? 3k? 5k? I'm sure readers who enjoy the story will read it either way, regardless of the length.

I will say that when writing for online serial reading, I default to shorter, more episodic chapters. For example, in one of the novels I'm working on (completely offline), I have chapters that span 5k-10k. I'm not sure I could do that for a web fiction, but it might just be the nature of the story I'm writing and the pacing of it?

Either way, writing the amount that feels right for each chapter seems like a good way to go.

As a reader, I'll admit that longer chapters are sometimes intimidating to look at, but if I start a story and am really enjoying it, I hardly notice chapter length at all!

Re: Preferred chapter length?

I have an obsession with parallelism. When it comes to writing, I somehow feel uncomfortable when I notice that one of my chapters has gone so far from what I intend it to be. Chapter 1 is 2154 words, Chapter 2 is 2221 words... Then chapter 3 suddenly spikes at 2989 WORDS! I feel uncomfortable, so I transfer them to another chapter, rewrite some parts to make a cliffhanger and we're good. When it comes to reading, I don't bother much because... I am too lazy to count the words lol even with machinery aid. Either way, I agree with HabalsWriting when it comes to reading stuff- If it is good, then it is GOOD!

Re: Preferred chapter length?

I think 2k-2.5K is a good chapter length, especially if you don't update every day.  It's good enough for a quick read.  If it's updated everyday, then 1K is fine.  

Of course, the content matters, but let's say it's something we're looking forward to reading, then I'd like it to be able to scroll for a bit and take some time to enjoy it.  

Re: Preferred chapter length?

Personally I don't think there is any such thing as a proper chapter length. In my opinion a chapter can be as long, or as short, as needed as long as it conveys a proper idea, setting, or concept. Shoot, I've read a book on a certain large platform from an evil corporate overlord before that was five words. Yeah. Five words. Really its all about what you, as the write, want to accomplish with what you are writing.

I, however, find it impossible to write a chapter that's less than 4k to 5k words. That's just my writing style and what it takes for me to accurately break my literary pieces into sections that make sense. At least to me. My wife says I write too damn much in one chapter, and my best friend says its not enough. I guess its going to vary depending on who you talk to. It's an eternal cycle. Like political opinions. 

Re: Preferred chapter length?

As a reader, I like at least 2000 words/chapter. Anything less feels kind of choppy, anything more is fine.

As a writer, one of my fics has ~3000 word chapters and the other ~2000 word chapters, but I will go over these numbers if required to make the chapter flow right. I don't want to have a chapter cut off in the middle of a conversation or something. This is especially true since a lot of the time I will just write in a continuous document and cut it up into chapters later.