Hello From a Poet and Musician!

Hi all!

I've been lurking on here reading stories for yearssss, and recently decided that I might benefit from starting an account.

I'm a spoken-word poet, musician, and dude with a day job. I love so much of the stuff on here... and maybe one day I'll add to the incredible collection.

I'll probably start up a thread in the poetry section soon for funsies.

Lovely to meet you!

Re: Hello From a Poet and Musician!


eric_river Wrote:
let me say a big welcome to the community
you've come to the right place if you're a fan of poetry
it's a growing genre, though it's taken a long time
but every day you can find more verses, raps, and rhyme!

Thank you! It's so lovely to meet you!

There's so much to talk of and read through.

I def'nitely intend to contribute mine,

Let's talk up a storm and have such a good time!