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Re: Sunday Snippet 24/10 | UNLUCKY..(?) WEEK 13 🍀☠

LONGSTORYSHORT: Things have gone wrong for Ariadna at The Metropolitan Museum in NYC! Luckily, Brad/Proten is nearby to try and figure out what's happening. This is the moment where some things begin to get clearer, but not for the better!

Quote:Proten shrugged and walked towards the officer, leaving the human pillars to it. “I’ll call-” But he paused as he noticed the officer’s face change and begin to stare with wide eyed bewilderment at something behind him. Proten turned and made the same eye widening look that the officer had, like it had been infectiously passed on.

“Well now I’m starting to think that that has something to do with all of this,” stated the NYPD officer.

“I think you may be onto something,” agreed Proten.

For above them, appearing in view from behind the skyscrapers, loomed a huge black and gold striped blimp. From the gondola structure hung a giant TV screen that glitched to a [redacted].

“What the-?” muttered the officer.

“Who the-?” whispered Proten.

“Why the-?”

“Okay, yeah I get it,” Proten interrupted. “We both don’t know what’s happening. I’m going to get nearer to it,” he decided.

The blimp was about half a mile away but due to its size, it’s relatively low height and slow, predatory speed, it didn’t look too far away. He left the officer and leapt out of the zoo with long, striding legs.

There was a new chaos that met Proten in the park. Crowds were gathering to look up at the blimp, against the will of the authorities who were doing their best to try and evacuate the park. The brain-wiped zombie types that earlier had descended on the zoo had begun to slowly creep out to join the watching crowds, still in their coma state. What made them like this? he wondered, watching them finally stopping. He stopped himself and looked around to focus on someone in the crowd of zomboloids. I know her! he realised.

He begun moving through the crowd of the cognitively aware people to get closer. To make sure.

“Ladies, gentlemen and all those in between!” boomed a voice from the sky. The screen now showed live pictures of [redacted]. Proten turned back to watch the screen, deciding that it was hopefully going to give him the answers he needed.

Find the chapter at : 14. Justicia #2 : I’m A Marionette – The Puppet Master Drops In : Part 1 - Heroes of The Collective Volume Two : Regret | Royal Road
Find the very start of it in the signature below!

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Quote:“What are those?” John pointed to the small, black, flapping shapes that leapt from the ground and up into the endless blue as they neared.

“Birds, damn pests you ask me, but they have a job to do.” The older man stepped slightly off the cleared, two lane road. Before John could ask Robco turned sharply. “Listen to me John, step back and stay calm.” The older man stood next to him, hand on his pistol, John did the same, trying to breathe slowly.

More birds flew from the ground ahead of them. Startled by someone running across the square fields, someone moving fast, scared.

The runner jumped a fence and sprinted right at them. A man, his simple clothes splattered with bright orange paint. John tightened his grip on the rose carved pistol, ready, as the runner closed in.

Suddenly the orange paint on his chest exploded outwards, knocking the runner flat on his face with a loud splat. Followed by a split second of silence before the rolling echo of a high calibre rifle.

The pipboy screen came to life inside John’s eyes. Absent the adrenaline, mercifully not triggering the nightmare, dreamlike state. Dotted lines, angles, red circles that projected all around them. An impossibly small, highlighted section high up The Tower. “Oh hell, you see that shit! That must of have been over a mile, mile and a half.”

“Two thousand four hundred and seventy five metres.”

So this from about halfway through vol l, as the lead reaches the biggest town, built around a unfinished skyscraper. The law is enforced with paint, criminals get painted they can surrender to the deputies of take their chances with the snipers

Re: Sunday Snippet 24/10 | UNLUCKY..(?) WEEK 13 🍀☠


This section comes from the first part of Chapter 21 of Angel of the Red Sun that I posted earlier this week. The section contains a small monologue by Sami, a diplomat, who is trying to convince Marisa, the protagonist, to take up the crown and lead her people--a prospect that she has been virulently against up until then.

Quote:You know, Your Majesty,” Sami said. “I was born and raised in a land full of monarchs and despots, who did things so unconscionable, so unimaginable, that we were embroiled in conflict for hundreds of years. Imagine that, countries—plural—each plunged into hellfire by tyrants that decided they would rule. Some declared it their right by God, some by blood or by conquest, but every time there was a ruler who did good for the people do you know what they did? They rejected the role of leadership.
“No good person wishes to see themselves risen above others. All the sins of men are inherent in the egos of kings. It is the balance then of the soul, that gives grace to their leadership. You are, Your Majesty, one with a soul bereft of malice, as seen by all those whom you've saved. It is that vacuum of malevolence in your spirit that shall displace the wickedness of the ego.

“I bare nothing but a profound sadness for your fate, but to step up and lead is the ultimate sacrifice of one who truly cares about their people. I hope you can come to see things as such in this turbulent time.”

If you like the fusion of medieval knights in space, and want a book with politics, subterfuge, vengeance, and an apocalypse, Angel of the Red Sun releases its final chapter on Monday, October 25th, before entering an interlude of short stories in lieu of a hiatus before book 2.

(If this has interested you, I would advise against starting after Chapter 15)

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It's snippet time! This time it comes from the finale of Arc 2 (Yay!), where Shindo's and Lozen's journey has just begun. Please do keep in mind that this snippet congtai s spoilers for my book. 

Chapter: Chapter 23: Meeting with the Board of Heroes (Pt.3)

Context: This whole arc has been building up to one thing and one thing only: Shindo Joining Lozen's superhero team. This arc all started with Lozen fighting to defend herself, which caused a domino effect that led to Lozen's subbordinate (Yata) fighting one of her aggresors (Batoon) in the name of revenge. They both chose to fight during Shindo's Exam to become a hero, almost boycotting his chances. However, Shindo humiliated the two, taking advantage that the two exhausted each other on their squabble. This caught the attention of the Board of Heroes, who greww interested in Shindo. They called Shindo into a meeting to see what to do with him, but before that, they had called Lozen and Batton's boss (Ignia), to determine what punishment they got. As things progressed in the story, the Board gives Shindo the opportunity to either go solo or join a hero team from any of the heroes present, but throughout this meeting Lozen's attitude had caught Shindo's eye. Because he wanted to understand the heroine, he asks to join her team, and this is how she responds to him: 

Quote:"You know Yata is my subordinate, right? That I was partially the reason your exam was boycotted?" Lozen asked, leaning forward.

"I figured," Shindo shrugged. "After all, you were the only one who was willing to ask for my reasons to fight him and Batoon."

Lozen kept staring at Shindo. She continuously scanned him up and down, to see if he was lying. After she determined Shindo spoke truthfully, she proceeded to answer his question.

"My team is unorthodox by nature. We don't take group or full team missions often, something that is more common amongst other hero teams. However, we make up for this by focusing on solo and duo missions."

These words gained the scorn of Steadfast, Professor White, and Ignia, but Lozen wasn't done with her description.

"Still, we don't interfere a lot with the other member's jobs, unless it is absolutely necessary. However, your proposition to join my team can change the infrastructure greatly. Can you allow me to be frank, Wattz?"

He nodded, intrigued by her seriousness. Lozen leaned forward, putting her elbows on the table while visibly straightening up.

"My team values comradery and individuality. Each of the members gives something unique to the team to help build it into something better. I'm sure you can give something new to my team, especially with the gadgetry and fighting potential you showcased during your exam. However, I do not know how the rest of the team will act, after the humiliation you put Yata through. In short, you are an unknown chaos factor for my team."

Lozen stopped for a bit, letting her words sink in. Her attention was solely on Shindo's reaction, who was intently waiting for her to continue.

"At best, almost all of the members will be indifferent to you. At worst they'll all be hostile. No matter how good you are in a fight or at rescuing hostages alone, it still doesn't change that you joining is a risk to my team's integrity and morale. No, scratch that. Having you join is a gamble. A high risk, high reward gamble. I would be boosting the individual capabilities of my team, but it can come at the cost of infighting and possibly a rupture in the team. So Wattz, those are my thoughts on the matter.”

Shindo's shoulders dropped at Lozen's words. Even if her cold words stung, Shindo had to respect her. Out of all the heroes present, she was the most honest when speaking about their team.

"However,” Shindo perked up to look at Lozen, surprised that she wasn’t done. Her eyes were firmly set on Shindo, challenging him with a small little glint he didn’t recognize, “If you are willing, do you want to take this risk? Do you want to gamble with me and join my team? Even after knowing the possible consequences of you joining?"

A faint smirk appeared on his lips. Interesting! Lozen was truly a fascinating person!

"I’ll join!" Shindo replied ecstatically, without a hint of hesitation. “Let's see how far this gamble of ours plays out.”

If you're curious to know about how this meeting goes, the link to the chapter is above. If You're curious as to how Shindo caught the Board's eyes, or what happened with his exam, Or how Lozen is involved in all of this, or even on how Lozen and Shindo got to this situation in the first place, The link to the book is down bellow on my signature!

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Quote:It’s so cold. Where did all the heat go? I look around to see I’m in my room. “Mommy?” I look around for her, but she isn’t here. When did she leave the room?  Everything else looks normal but something is off with the air. I raise my nose slightly and sniff around. “Eww,” A smelly odor covers the air.

I look around again to see if I can find the source of the smell, but not luck. It’s coming from everywhere. How can an odor be so strong and yet it’s nowhere? Even plugging my nose is barely preventing the smell from entering. My head starts feeling light as I start loosening my grip around my nose. Right as I’m about the faint, the smell goes away. A gust of wind flies through the room and takes the smell away.

How strange. Where did the gust of wind come from? I’m indoors and the wind wasn’t coming in through the window. I wrap my fingers around the messy pink side of my hair. I watch my fingers twirl my hair around as I ponder on how the fuck wind appeared here. Was it magic? After all, I was isekai by a skeleton with really good dental work.

How did that skeleton have such good teeth? I had to get braces for a few months and then wear those clear thingies every night for the rest of my life. Wait? Are there any dentists in this world? How am I going to take of my teeth? Is there a magic spell? Am I going to lose all of my teeth by the time I mature?

I haven't really written anything since I'm busy, but I got this I've been slowly working on since 3 weeks ago. Couldn't post most of it because I would have to put a lot of context that I would rather not explain.

Re: Sunday Snippet 24/10 | UNLUCKY..(?) WEEK 13 🍀☠

On the 13th week, we are discussing the power of prophecies.

Quote:“Normally, the Star-gazers don’t actively involve themselves with the fate of the world. They just share their knowledge but it is up to everybody else to do their part. Since the future is always in motion, it is difficult to guide it to a certain outcome. It is possible that your actions attempting to prevent a disaster are exactly the ones that would let it happen. Therefore, it is easier to prepare for the aftermath than to try and avoid it.”

“Train soldiers before war breaks out,” added Rasha and took the silver knife and the mortar from her cousin, “prepare herbs for a wraith attack, gather provisions for a potential drought, make sure you have another child if there is death looming over your heir… this is how we Binshi usually deal with the Star-gazer’s prophecy.”

“But that’s insane! You are telling me you will do nothing even if you know that someone is going to die and it could be prevented?” Lorelei snapped but then realized that the three Binshi are giving her strange looks. “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you or your beliefs.”

“What you just said, my lady, is almost exactly what Lord Yanosh used to teach us.” Gregor lowered his head. “He thought that we are becoming cowards. That we are not using the gift of the Mother as intended. He even called some of the elders sheep for resigning to fate without even attempting to change anything.”

Re: Sunday Snippet 24/10 | UNLUCKY..(?) WEEK 13 🍀☠

Chapter 27
(The Historian's fate)

Callous Lord Storm Nattas, while searching for answers, is reminded of the cost of digging out the truth

Quote:“I will hazard a guess here,” Storm said, and noticed a smug smile creep up on the handsome man’s face. But for the thin goatee, he decided. That, he should shave off soon as possible and fuckin' forget about it. “King Alistair is looking for a way out of the treaty. Without breaking his word of honor and disgrace himself to Gods and ancestors.”

Sirio gathered the copies and placed them in a neat pile, next to the manuscript he was reading earlier. Found the bookmark he’d placed there and opened it carefully, under the curious scrutiny of lord Nattas.

“There is a point,” Sirio started, voice pleasant and fitting for the place, “one regarding Reinut’s promise, but it is part of an obscure verbal tradition that most historians avoid and my ancestor that mentioned it, was vilified for it.”

The latter added a bit of color on his cheeks.

“Wasn’t he extradited by the Khanate?” Storm asked.

“Betrayed after promises of safe haven were given.”

“Imagine that. He insulted Queen Dowager Femke, if I’m not mistaken,” He’d heard a song in a tavern about the whole incident. The bard had a horrible voice, more goat-sounding than human, but he was funny as all hells and that mattered the most, where Lord Nattas was concerned.

The song itself was outright vile, its title a gruesome punishment.

“There was no insult, but his love of history. Moment she read a copy, it was over. She branded him a traitor of the Three Kingdoms, and forced her eight year old son to decree, he was to be Hanged Drawn and Quartered publicly in Caspo O’ Bor. In the summer of hundred and three NC.” Sirio paused to collect himself, the subject deeply personal understandably. “People say his bones are in the Royal treasury, put back together into a gilded skeleton, his favorite quill still in hand.”

The Issirs were notoriously cruel to their enemies.

Storm sat back and breathed deeply, impressed at this relatively unknown part of history, regarding one of her biggest devotee’s no less; before exhaling slowly to give the young man time to find the thread again. Hoping he would remain impartial on his research. A lot of people wish for war. The reasons are many, the most common of them being revenge, against those they can’t harm or touch, due to a difference in standing.

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“Jake...” Bertrand asked, pleadingly. His flannel shirt carried a bullet hole, but no bleeding at all, from the bullet wound, at least.
Bertrand’s hands were bleeding profusely, with dozens of tiny cuts. And so was his neck, his cheeks.

God almighty, he was crying blood!

And the wounds were... Moving. As if trying to open.

“JAKEWHATTHEHELLISHAPPENINGTOME” Bertrand screamed, but his partner was too busy looking, pissing his pants, shitting himself, as the first cut fully opened, revealing an eye.
It had a black iris, and pus-coloured sclera. Also, the eye was looking right at Jacob.

The cop looked back at the eye in the back of Bert’s hand, and his view started blurring. Aching.


Jacob started to scream in pain, unable to see anything, anymore.

His screams mixed along with Bertrand’s, while all the exposed cuts in the latter’s skin started opening simultaneously, revealing eyes everywhere. And the more eyes opened in the detective’s skin, the more Jacob screamed, but Bertrand was already quiet, stunned.
Absolutely shocked.

His partner’s screams got louder and louder, until his throat broke, and blood flowed spurted from his mouth. Silence fell, leaving room only to the sounds of gagging and choking. Jake’s white skin picking tones of red, as if burned, and then really burning.


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Oh gosh. I missed last week's Sunday Snippets because I was out of town. And I almost missed this one too! Oh, what woe is me!
Okay!  Two Weeks ago, I posted a snippet from the last chapter of The Book of CHASTITY, which is the fifth Book in the series, where Aika had been teaching Hank how to use his God-given gift as a Dot.

Well, for last week's Sunday Snippet post, I was going to post something from the Prologue to The Book of PATIENCE, which is the start of the sixth Book in the series. So hey! I shall post it now!

     Anna and Sue Marie bowed to cheers and applause from the crowd before grabbing fluffy white towels with the words 'Tropical Beach Bikini Team' written on them in letters as big as could fit. After wrapping the towels around their bodies, Anna grabbed a second towel to use on her hair, as its length got the ends soaked. She wrapped that towel in a turban on her head as she and Sue Marie descended the stairs, still receiving applause. Sue Marie resupplied her empty beer holsters as Anna grabbed four more bottles, holding two in each hand.
     Leaving Hank alone, they disappeared into the crowd to sell the beers. After a few long minutes, Anna reappeared, heading towards the coolers to retrieve more beer.
     Hank got in her way. "What?" she asked politely, as he stood before her speechless.
     "Anna…" he began.
     "I'm Tsun-Tsun Ma, you ninny."
     "Tsun-Tsun Ma. You are more of a woman than I ever thought you could be."
     She took his compliment as a slight. "Oh really?"
     "You've shown me things about yourself that I never would have expected."
     She awaited better praise. "Uh-huh."
     He delivered. "I am in your debt, for all you've done for me, and for all I know you'll do."
     He bowed as low as he could without bumping into her, as she had taken a step forward to bring them closer together. He kept his eyes cast to her feet while continuing his praise.
     "Beautiful Anna. Tsun-Tsun Ma. My dancing demon girl. You are my PEP Counselor, and have offered to serve me as… to be a…" He searched to recall her exact words. "… to be my Alsatian on a chain, but I am forever your servant."
     He rose his head just enough to be able to see her chin. "All you need do is command me."

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So I was lazy last week of snippets (week 12) and didn't write anything, but this week, I'm back with a little snippet of the latest chapter of Unending War, "The Battle Fought Now". Forgive the chapter title; I didn't know how to title it even after writing everything down.

Anyways, here's the snippet!

Quote:“A little easy to read,” Rasu comments. Five tiny blades rush towards the direction of the attacker, disappearing into the fog. From their positions, Evi and Tari fire their rifles. A satisfying squelch. At least one hit their target.

Rasu lands a punch on the ground. A strong gust pushes from the point of impact, forcing away the cloud of dust with ripples of forceful energy. “Show yourselves,” he says confidently, the dust now dispersing, the clear skies once again visible to the eye. Yet there is still no enemy to be found. At least, not one with the conventional Confederation armor.

There is only one figure standing before them, the statute and build judged to be a woman. A mask conceals her face, two blackish, reddish streaks painted under each eye slit. Her right hand holds a dead arm, Rasu’s blades lodged deeply in it, while her left is an entire blade in itself. Stretching up to the elbow, the machine is lightweight but also strong. As his eyes follow up the shoulder, it has become obvious that her entire left arm is, in fact, a prosthetic limb.

However, there is something about the stranger recognizable from Rasu’s eyes. Is it the shoulder length hair, the lean build, the dark shades of clothing? Or is it the bloodlust, the aura she emanates with such strength and ferocity? It reminds him of someone he knew, someone wholly familiar to him, once even part of his squad. He remembers her all too well.

I leave this snippet to your imagination.

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My main character, Cami sis Nep has settled in with her contract family and has a new coach. The race she runs is called 'the Jump' and she has to clear several different obstacles. The track is longer as well, about one and a half kilometers.

Quote:Running hard down the back straight, Cami concentrated on her rhythm as she approached her next jump, this a water one. After this was the wall followed by the fence, the worst one with the very whippy branches of a bush standing straight up to whip the legs of those who don’t clear it. From the start line there was a dash with each competitor keeping in their own lane down the front straight to the first set of four hurdles, followed by a second set of four less than a dozen steps later. After both of these had been cleared, they were removed to allow the sprint to the finish. The hurdles were followed by a wooden beam, the water jump, then the wall. The last obstacle set up in the center of the final turn as always, the hated fence. After the second set of hurdles, each competitor could leave their lane to follow whatever path was best for them, they just had to clear each hazard! These hazards and once around the long track was the standard for her age group, older competitors had longer races and more obstacles.

Clearing the fence easily, keeping as close as possible to the inside of the track, Cami drew another breath and stretched her legs as she settled into her sprint out of the curve into the straight. Hard on her heels was her main competition, a student from another school. While this was not a fully sanctioned event, Cami had lost to this girl each time they had met before and was determined to beat her this time!

Coming into the home straight, Cami willed the last bit of speed out of her legs, the reserve she had saved till this moment. Sprinting as fast as she could, Cami raced for the finish, spurred on by applause from the spectators, roaring their delight, something only allowed in public at times such as this.

Breathe, she urged herself. As the finish line grew closer, she felt that she could hear the pounding footsteps of her competition gaining on her, but the cries of the spectators encouraged her to greater efforts.

Breathe faster, move faster, hold on, the thoughts pounded through her as the finish line seemed to grow closer but oh so slowly!

With a final surge she crossed the finish line, barely managing to retain her feet, oblivious to cheers from those watching. Then her coach was there, a bottle of concentrate in her hand, moving her off the track.

“How did I do?” Cami gasped, gulping down a mouthful of the drink.

“You did well, Cami,” her coach Nessi ot Rimma was a member of the service class, reassured her, “you won!”

“I did?” Cami took another swallow of concentrated vitamins, electrolytes and sugars along with other essential minerals. “Who came second, third?”

“Don’t worry about that.” Nessi counselled the girl she was beginning to view as her best chance to advance in status. “I want you to go to the training room and do your recovery exercises. A quarter of a period now!”

“Yes Coach Rimma.” Cami took the proffered towel to wipe her sweat covered face and keeping the drink, headed to the schools exercise room where she would carry out the set of cooling down routines that had been designed for her


As Rimma watched Cami leave, another coach joined her. “New is she?”

“Who?” Nessi asked innocently.

“The girl who just set a record in the jump for her age group, that’s who!”

“Yes, she did, didn’t she!” Nessi didn’t smile, not openly. “She has been with me since the beginning of spring, not long after the Green Leaf Festival.”

“A contract girl then.” The coach from a different school, murmured. “Going to be interesting. Better keep an eye on the one she just whipped,” Came the unnecessary advice, “that one doesn’t like to lose, especially to contract girls.”

“Thanks, I will.” Nessi nodded. She knew all about the second place finisher, a girl whose family was high in the service class with a status inset of ra. Almost fifteen, this was the last set of races that she would be running, and she had really wanted to win as her status would improve. She was also known to have a nasty temper, and there had been talk of harassment of contract girls by her

So Cami has done well, but is trouble looming.

From a little later on in my Novel, "Ti Lepus Dies."

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I was away for the past two weeks, so I couldn't join in the fun till the last day. It also meant that I didn't write anything into Docs these past weeks.

Nonetheless, here's a Snippet of an experiment I played around with some time back that didn't really go anywhere. It was going to be about flashbacks within flashbacks and that sort, going through the trope of their life flashing before their eyes.

Do note, that this touches on (probably) very sensitive topics of life and death, so that's a very big warning to everyone reading this.

Anyways, without further ado, Factitious Memories:

He stepped onto the ledge, taking a breath to steady himself. His heart beating loudly in contrast to the still surroundings, booming as he looked down into the deep dark void. His hand shook as he thought it through again, doubt slowly creeping up his mind before he reigned himself in.

“No. No going back now.”

The shoes were there, so was a letter. This spot wasn’t any tourist attraction, but it wasn’t unknown either. Everything he needed to be done has been done. Ties broken, lines severed, his house, or room, cleaned and presentable.

All he needed was to take a step forward.

He did.

He did it.

Darkness enveloped him as he descended, wrapping him in its embrace. He lost all sense of distance, time, and touch, as he feels himself spiralling into a free fall, unable to determine when would be his last. Would he be able to fly up into the skies above, or would he sink into the cold dark depths below? Or would he simply lose consciousness, never waking up to another day…

Until he opened his eyes. Not to a white tunnel, nor a cold dark abyss, but to a scene of the past.