Unapologetically a Fanfiction writer... For now.


I'm two days old... On RR and I'm glad to be here! Kinda wish I had found you guys earlier. This is the sixth site I'm posting my fanfiction on. So far I only write for the Hobbit and How to Train Your  Dragon Fandom. 

I have a few ideas for original fiction that have been kicking around in my head for year's... and years. By my love of established familiar characters is what actually drives me to write so for now I will go with fanfiction. Also I want to prove to myself that I can finish a project before I turn my attention to original fiction.  

So far my two year old Hobbit fic is over 400,000 words and will no doubt pass 500,000 before I'm done. Thank goodness I'm getting close to being finished. On the other hand, my two month old How to Train Your Dragon fic is about 30,000 and only getting started. 

I love to write and create and my stories are largely character driven as it's the characters I'm in love with. (Not literally... Or maybe a bit.) I love delving into a characters mind and sussing out the reasons they do what they do and then creating a story around them. 

Also writing is an escape for me... Not that my life is horrible... But with potty training my twins this week... Well, you can see why mom might want to escape at the end of the day. I probably escape too much in all honesty. 

My author name (Shylowdeath) seems kinda juvenile... But hey, I came up with it when I was like 13 and have been going by it ever since... So it is what it is. 

Anyway I'm new, I'm excited, and I'm just here to share stories. I would love it if you took a look at my stories if they interest you. Keep in mind I will be releasing them slowly here on RR but they are all caught up on other sites so if you get hooked and want more just google the name of the story and they will pop up. 
Also I did my own book covers... I'm no wiz with art but I pass well enough. The HTTYD is all mine... The Hobbit one I drew Sara and then superimposed her into of an image from the animated Hobbit. 

Thanks and I hope to see you around.


Re: Unapologetically a Fanfiction writer... For now.

Hello, fellow fic writer!

Although I'm not posting my fics here nor using my penname associated with it (they are also names I picked out when I was much younger :D) and I'm fairly new here myself, I warmly welcome you as one of my people~~~

I always figure that if the story has been in your mind for more than a month, then get it written down.  Even if it's just a summary of what it is, it helps to sort of release that tension and you can always go back and add to it, flesh it out, and one day, when you're ready, write it all out.  Or make it an AU. 

Also totally feel you on the love of established characters.  That's why we write fics.  That and to fill a void and destress.  :3

Best of luck here!  Hope you have a great time, write lots, and COMPLETE what you do.  You can do it.  We believe in you! <3

Re: Unapologetically a Fanfiction writer... For now.

Welcome to Royal Road. I think your fan fiction does will find a good audience here. Have never written fan fiction myself, but have read some. Never did understand why some people look down on it. It takes just as much skill to write as an original work. I think your cover came out quite nicely. If you have other art you'd like to share, check out the Art section of the Forums. Being active in the Forums is a great way to get to know the community and them to get to know you.

Cinn, who also started in fan fiction, has put together a helpful beginner's guide https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/111469.

Hope you enjoy being here on Royal Road and that many people check out your work. Good luck.